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Bring it back to Jimmy Fallon

My eye is irritated and looks funny. I found my old dairies that I wrote about the 2000 election. The entries were pretty funny.

My school is having another career fair, but I'm not going. Like I mentioned before they are depressing. I don't want to take another blow to myself esteem.

Before school my dad was being really chatty and I was thinking "I can't now! I'm introverting." Plus I wanted to be well prepared for class introductions and all that stuff.

The class is taking place at a part of the school I call "the sticks" it's the part of the school that deals with the agricultural stuff they specialize in there. My class is being held in a room for turf management. I accidentally went to the class early. I was really embarrassed. There is a really nice mini baseball diamond near the class with a little mound and everything. My inner child wanted to play on the diamond. I did find where the bathrooms are though.

The teacher said the book is expensive because you have to tear pages out of it. "The cheap come out expensive". That's a quote Judge Marilyn Milian from the People's Court. Well I have to figure out if I need to go and make copies of the pages I need from the book or not.

The desk I was sitting at smelled funny like old lady perfume. The teacher is very loud and wants us to call him by his first name. Um..ok?

We have to dress up to give our speeches. He wants us to join speech contests, so we can get an "A". Me win a speech contest!? Yeah right. I was starting to dislike this class already. He likes the Hunger Games. I'd impress him with a Katniss braid, ut my hair is way too short. Well at least he tells funny stories. It was like the socially awkward penguin. I actually drew a picture of one while I was taking random notes in class about everything that was going on and how I felt. I was gonna mention my secret hobby, but they were talking disparagingly about it including the teacher, so I didn't mention it. That would just be stupid to.

I came to class and found out that a bunch of stuff is due this week. What?! I have a test on Wednesday! >.< And a speech draft due Thursday!

We had to give a speech to the class about how much we hate public speaking. We had to give a fun fact about ourselves, so I gave my Meyer's Briggs result INFP. I wanted them to know I'm introverted. I didn't really wanna talk about my secret hobby. It's funny because I told the story about how I used to perform awful skits in French class in French in high school and that I would laugh a lot like Jimmy Fallon and chew pencils. I mentioned that before in another blog. I took that tip from him when I would watch him at the news desk during Weekend Update. Somehow I managed to be the last person up. I totally didn't plan this. ^o^

When class was over I called home to ask if the book had come. It didn't so I had to go to the library. Which is all the way on the other side of campus.

I read the wrong chapters of the book! >.<  Well sort of there is another chapter I need to read that I haven't read. The book itself is awful!  It doesn't even have a glossary! What!? When I was reading that awful thing I got the idea to watch the music video for "Cult of Personality" to get ideas for my speech this is not the first time that song has come to me at school for an idea. It happened
before. I was thinking of using  one of "Dubbya's" speeches. He's not very popular, and like everybody will pick people like Martin Luther King or JFK. Or what about a Nixon speech? He wasn't very popular either. Of course I was not around for his administration.

Then I finally found the department head of communications. Turns out I'm not even close to a communications degree, but I am to another degree; radio and television. Which was gonna be my major way back when I started college back in 2002. Does this mean I'm back where I started. Now I gotta track down some other guy! >o<

I thought I could be really confident if I had a little good luck charm or something. I didn't mention to the class that I'm really superstitious. Supposedly INFPs can masquerade as extroverts. Not me! Well I guess I could if the masquerade was literal. Wonder if I can give a speech to the class in a costume?

It took me such a long time at the school doing other things that I went home at the same time as if I went to both classes.

My dad is mad because I wanna quit right now! It's moving too fast for me already. I know when I've taken a hit. I'm not stupid. Plus he doesn't know that I'm not doing very well in Poli Sci. Two Fs would be really really bad. Plus I don't have a lot of time to study for the Poli Sci quizzes now. He thinks I put off the speech class because I don't like giving speeches. Then he bragged about when he was in college he could get all the good classes because he was an athlete. GET OVER IT! And you have an unathletic daughter who gets crappy classes. Actually I had taken a class way back in 2003 that counted, but by 2010 they changed the requirements so it didn't count as a speech class anymore it was an elective. I figured out why this class was available. Nobody wants a half semester class!

For some reason there seemed to be a lot of references to Seinfeld popping up today.

If I end up sticking with this class I'll have to bring back week in review.


Supplemental Hockey

I was going to write this great blog, but I forgot. So here is a rushed blog.

My dad didn't know about record store day. How long has that been around?

I did my homework over the weekend, but it was boring so I supplemented it with hockey.

My new speech class starts tomorrow. I still don't have my book and I have no idea if the class will be good or bad. I think I kinda know where the room is now. :/ I don't like that I have to wake up earlier.

Standing in line and Falling Asleep

You recognize the title? It's a lyric from the No Doubt song "Move On"

I'm confused about my hobby again. But I still feel the break is what I really needed and I'm going to try and convince myself of that. I really think some writing or drawing will clear my mind.

I finally moved out of my old storage space. The manger at my old space told me the space was ok I didn't damage it or anything.

My shoulder is acting up again. I'm not sure if it's me using a backpack again.

And livejournal's search function is not working :'(

Intimidating, but Smells like Bacon

Why does Livejournal keep erasing my partially written entries! >.< Really!?

I wasn't feeling as confident during this quiz as I was for the last one. There was some stuff I just flat-out guessed on. I'm not hoping for an "A" although an "A" would be nice I'm hoping for a low "C" as long as it's not an "F" or a "D". But I didn't fall asleep reading this chapter of the book. Like I said I made a study guide and everything. I even supplemented some of the lecture notes the teacher gave by looking up a topic on the wikipedia. I studied before the quiz, but I did write a little. I was struck with some funny blog topics that I knew if I didn't write them down I'd forget after the quiz. I'm not sure if they will be published though. I think the problem that most people and I have in the class is that you have to learn a lot of information in a short amount of time.

I admitted to the class that I'm old since I voted in an election with chads. It was way back in 2004. The first time I ever voted. I still have the little voting stub in my diary.

When I was taking notes I noticed my hand smelled like bacon. I had bacon for breakfast so it was not a strange smell to me. I was making cute little doodles related to my secret hobby.

Here's a random thought that struck me not to sound like I'm gloating or anything, but I was wondering if people find my creativity intimidating? Just thought I'd throw that out there. Not that I'm trying to be intimidating well maybe in my class by trying to get a good grade, but that class doesn't foster my creativity.

Book Test

So I bought the book for my speech class on Amazon. I really hope it's the right book or I just wasted $30 which I could have spent on my secret hobby. i just hope my dad doesn't think I've ordered random things from the internet again. I still don't know where the speech class meets and it starts next week! Well at least I prepared myself by stocking the freezer with frozen breakfast foods.

So my dad was gloating about the Jeopardy test again. I took it last year and if I think they didn't drastically reformat it. The test would have been the same as the one I took last year? I think? I can't find the entry that mentions it. Anyway like I said I gotta focus on Poli Sci with those grades. So when he was done he was gloating about it. I didn't watch him take the test because I was bathing. A nice soak to relax, think about my secret hobby, and sing. Next time he wants us both to take the test. Oh goody! -_-

Working hard on my study guide. The quiz is tomorrow!

Smells like an "A"!

When I was in the library I saw this peculiar guy. I've seen that guy before. I remembered because he likes to admire his reflection in his smartphone for awhile, and I thought that was a funny/interesting to write about. See I'm pretty observant which is important for my writing and my secret hobby. I tend to find blog material from the unlikeliest of places. Anyway today this guy took his shoes off in the library, and he had 2 papers on the floor that he rested his feet on. His feet were not noticeably smelly or at least I didn't get a whiff of feet.

I actually write that down in my daily musings I wrote in the library before I went to class. I like to write before I go to class unless I have a quiz or test that day then I study. I like writing before class it keeps me energized. Plus most of what I had written about was about my secret hobby and that guy who took off his shoes. I also wrote about my "huge hunch" that the teacher would talk about Hillary announcing running for president at length to the class.

The Hillary announcement was the first thing she talked about. I wanted to snap my fingers like the men from the Men on Film skits and say "Called it!" The class should be renamed "Hillary Clinton fangirl class". You're a big fan of Hillary we get it. *exasperated sigh* A large portion I wrote in my notes was about the teacher being such a fangirl. I was thinking about something I learned from the episode "ABCee Ya Later". I remembered the clue about Rockapella singing a reggae song about Arkansas. Seriously these are just random things that pop in my head, and I think because I'm old.

The good news is I got an "A" on my last quiz 100% ^-^
Now I have to calculate my grade with those 2 "F"s and the "D" from the midterm. Plus I still don't know my participation grade yet. I'm still not sure what it can. All I need is a "C" to pass. If I calculated correctly I think my grade would be a high "D" or low "C". The teacher said as a whole the class does well on that chapter's quiz. Maybe the study guide did work? Or even the break from my secret hobby.

Where is my phone call from Biden? I can be "the somewhat noteable Poli Sci student for the next 10 minutes"?

I can't believe I've been voting since I was 20, and I still don't know how primaries in my state work. I knew the 2000 presidential election was gonna come up in class sooner or later. I'm so old I remember that. It happened when I was 16. I think the whole situation was not properly portrayed in the book. Of course if you are taking Poli Sci now it's most likely you were around 5 when this happened and not a 16 year old junior who would sit in their US History class and fantasize about Gwen Stefani. I just remember how crazy that election was and writing about in my diary.

My mind was wandering again I kept thinking about old SNL skits. I thought about the Buddy the dog funeral skit, the George Bush Ballot inspector skit and the Clinton goes to McDonald's skit. Actually SNL helps me remember old political stuff. Isn't that kinda sad?

It called for a celebration, so at home I had a shot of rum. Not too much though I need to study for the next quiz.


What is Chicken Flavored Ramen?

My dad thinks I'm not smart enough for Jeopardy again! Well it doesn't matter because I'm not taking the test this year. Not becuase I don't think I'm smart enough I've been all stressed out from school. I can put my mind to better use trying to pass Poli Sci. Plus I need to pass it to graduate.

I'm almost finished moving out of my old storage space.

That rebel I contacted for advice. He told me to finish school, and to then worry about taking up that hobby. It will put my mind at ease and my pocket book. I still need to buy school stuff.

When I was making ramen for lunch I didn't notice the soup powder pouch was already open, and it poufed all over me. I smelled like chicken ramen soup powder for a large portion of the day.

Bored and Confused

I tried tortilla soup for the first time this week. I liked it! It didn't taste that bad really. I didn't know much about it besides reading about it in a non-food related blog and I think I saw somebody make it on a cooking show I happened to be watching once. If it was egg drop soup I would have been all over that.

The Powerpoint notes are bland and boring. At least I didn't fall asleep reading the book this time. I did poorly on the quiz at the end of the chapter. I hope that isn't an indicator. Her lecture notes are talking about other stuff again! Making a study guide for this chapter or trying to is hard! >.<

I was thinking about how when you start my secret hobby everybody is ready to give you advice. There are 4 big pieces of advice they tend to give you and by "they" I'm referring to are the people who think they know what you should be doing. If you aren't my boss, parents, or some other authority figure. If you are heading a hobbyist club I don't even belong to then don't boss me around. I got some well needed advice from a rebel in the feild. I still wonder what my extended family will think. My hypothesis will be that they will either say "I saw it coming" or "You? Really?" I think my parents might have caught on. But I'm not buying strange items now since I took a break.

A Change Would Do You Good

I was thinkng about that old song. I need to find my old 90s tapes in the back of my closet. This break is great! ^-^

I got some alone time to myself, but I was so tired I didn't ultize it properly.

Then I realized I have no idea if the quiz is a reading quiz, lecture quiz or a mix of both. Well I guess I can ask on Tuesday. :/ There are a lot of notes and she divided them up into 3 parts.


Melted Cheese

So my dad is upset because I don't like Poli Sci. It's so boring! >.< He thinks that I should like the same things he does. That has been all my life. I tend to think of myself as boring and nerdy. It would be like the relationship between Steve and Stan Smith from American Dad. My dad doesn't even know about the bad grades. He doesn't even know about the 2 college classes I failed. The only one he knows about was the class that got me kicked out of CSUF. I think I've only failed 3 college classes so far. I don't like to tell him bad news like that. Especially bad or failing grades. He was one of the reasons I stayed in a hard class in high school I knew I was failing. I try to keep all that kind of bad news for him under wraps.

He is still really really mad about that new storage space. He is so controlling! He is as bad as Beverly Goldberg from the show. My dad said my new storage space number is 44. Which I think is a bad luck number. I go eastern and western bad luck 4 and 13. I've known 4 is a bad luck number since I took Japanese class in 2007. My dad thought I got that from watching Fresh off the Boat.

I really think a break is what I needed from my secret hobby. I feel a little better now. I just needed to get away from all that craziness. I'll come back to it eventually. But with those quiz grades it's on hold indefinitely.

Yesterday I noticed that the teacher put up a massive amount of PowerPoint notes online for us. It's gonna take awhile to copy all that down.

So we had another quiz, and put a lot more effort into studying. I even made a study guide. (I hardly ever do that) I feel more confident. I'm hoping for a low "C". I try not to make unrealistic expectations. It's funny I was almost late to class. I was distracted by some Rockapella music again. When I go to the bathroom I noticed the only available toilet has not been flushed. That is like the 3rd one this week! I just wanna scream in the bathroom "WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE FLUSH THE TOILETS!?". I thought this is a real problem, but who can I contact from the school to say it is? The news paper? The janitor? Anyway I didn't notice what time it was and that I was going to be late for class. I got there just in time. So she let me take the quiz. I didn't have time to dig through my bag of pens to find a pencil. Luckily I was writing my daily musings with a wooden pencil. When I took I wasn't sweating or was it just a fool's confidence?

She told us to guess our participation grades. I was feeling really generous, so I gave myself a "B" I was going to give myself a "B+", but I thought that looked to arrogant and an "A" seemed like pushing it. Like I said before this is the part of class I think I'm doing well in. And as of now the only part. But she said we wouldn't know until 2 weeks from now. The anticipation is killing me.

I still find class incredibly boring. Somebody in class thought Minnesota was in the Northwest. I was like -_- It's north Midwest. These people need to learn geography up in there! I was craving peanut butter cookies and raw dough. I just love the grainess of scratch cookie dough. I brought a homemade sandwich to class and the cheese melted in it and I was sad. :( Next time I should take a sandwich with lettuce in it. It was funny when somebody got "anonymous" confused with "unanimous". Nobody in class knew about the cold war? I get they are young an all. It ended when I was 7. It made me think about a writing class I had back in '07 when the teacher I don't know what his deal was. He thought everybody in the class really remembered the cold war. How old did he think we were!? I thought about that funny Berlin Wall scene from The Goldbergs where Barry got all confused. But I still happen to know random things. Maybe I should convince myself to make another study guide. She said the next quiz is on Thursday.




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