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My Outdated References are lost on You

I decided to wear my Sailor Moon hair clips. I was afraid I was gonna lose them. I kept checking my head. They are very precious, so I don't wear them much. Nobody really noticed except for one person.

Before class I bought some candy at a vending machine at school. The vending machine takes ATM cards. I paid $1 too much for a Twix bar. And all I could think of was "candy lineup".

Since I got all that time to burn I decided to read my speech book. Why not? I needed to read it for the test tomorrow anyway.

We had this activity where we had to write purple prose. I was surprised that he knew what it was when I questioned about it. Then we had to write about a celebrity. I don't know much about current celebrities. And the ones I do like are outdated and from the 90s. They did not know who Shirley Manson is. So they picked Drake. I didn't care I didn't know much about him. All I know is that he is from Canada and that he was Degrassi and played a character in a wheelchair. I think all that I learned from an old Saturday Night Live episode he hosted. I couldn't even name one of his songs.

Then he said we are going to do a review of the book in a game show format, and I don't know why it made me laugh. I was trying to hide my laughing by holding up my folder. He said he likes The Price is Right. And when he saw me laughing he said was excited. I had the giggles today. X0X
It brought back memories from French class. I like him more than my high school French teacher. I wouldn't say I know a lot about game shows, but I'd say more than the average person. I can be somewhat genre savvy sometimes. Plus I mentioned I like to binge watch old game shows although I did not mention specific series. (mostly World) He doesn't know I've been watching The Price is Right since I was 2. I watched that show before I could read.

After class we talked about game shows and beef dip sandwiches. I also told him that since I'm old I don't know much about current celebrities.

I think I might have forfeited the tickets I won, but I don't care. They were calling while I was at school and I was not getting any reception. Then when they called back I was getting on the bus and hung up. Oh well it doesn't bother me. Eh. *shrugs*

I wonder if there will be a large map to run around on? :/ There is a mini baseball field. I just don't wanna get slimed Double Dare style. I'd like to see my teacher do an impersonation of Marc Summers.

I spent about $10 on candy that is $8 more than I should have. This candy is not for gifts it's for me.

British Meatball Head

I'm still trying to come up with a gift for my teacher. A lot of the ideas I found online were for little kids and said things like "Thanks for teaching me how to read". I know how to read and have for many years now. Or the gifts were for lady teachers and were things like nail polish and bath salts. After I really thought about it he told me he eats Junior Mints, so I will get him some Junior Mints. Too bad all the teacher card printables have horribly bad puns on them.

I got to school like an hour early because of the buses not being on time all last week, so I have been trying to ride an earlier bus.

So he wanted to know what is something you like that other people hate. I admitted to the class I like the Sailor Moon Dic dub. For shame! I ought to be punished in the name of the Moon! The teacher said he knows about that. I'm not sure. Does he? I should ask him some Sailor Moon questions. Other people in the class said that it makes them nostalgic. I bet they didn't watch it when they were in junior high. The class doesn't know who they are dealing with. Too bad my Sailor Moon shirts are too small now. I had brought my Sailor Moon scout guide for the Hunger Games speech to get ideas.

We got divided into groups. Since this is Game of Thrones themed we had to name our group House of (put name here).They wanted to name the group Gandhi I really didn't care. I really wanted a Terminator themed name. Another suggestion I had was "House of Pain" like the rap group, I think that reference was outdated and lost on them. When they said that all I could think of was the Seinfeld episode about
the goiter and the UHF parody movie Gandhi II. My mind was wandering a lot. Some other group named their House of the Shining Stars. It sounds like something Stella from the Winx Club would say.

We had to sell an item picked at random. I did this activity a few times in my
sales class. My group got those Harry Potter jelly beans. I was upset because I know nothing about Harry Potter at all. I never read the books or seen any of the movies. This is my thought Harry Potter = British. I told the other people in the group I could talk with a British accent. The old uptight and more self conscious me would have not volunteered that info. Somebody said something about Brown University. I don't know much about it except that Rockapella was founded there with Sean Altman and Elliott Kerman. I don't even know what state it is in. Shows how much I know about geography. >.<
When the teacher asks we say I'm going to talk with a British accent then he talks to me in a British accent and I mistakenly answer back with a Scandinavian one. @o@
My mind was wandering again and I was thinking about the Seinfeld episode "
The Tape". When Jerry and Kramer compare their British accents.

When we did the presentation skit. The teacher said to make it like an infomercial and played cheesy infomercial music. He kept playing different music cues to go along with our skits. Which made it even funnier.

We didn't really get to choose the topics the teacher picked them out for us. D'oh! And I did all that research all weekend about debating about my secret hobby. :'(

After class the teacher and were talking to each other with fake accents. I didn't say I speak "Valley" because I speak that when I get flustered. And I apologized about bothering him on Thursday.

When I went to the store I was upset because there were no beef sandwiches. So I had to get a turkey one instead and I was mad. I had a silly thought. What if my teacher appreciation gift was a random deli sandwich from the walmart? I think he would not be too appreciative of that gift.

I won tickets to Knott's Berry Farm from the radio station! Yay!

The Same old Songs

I have been trying to come up some type of speech topic I want to be prepared before we get the assignment. The only thing I can think of is my secret hobby and anime dubbing (as separate topics). If this is anything like our last assignment he will give us the hardest speech out of the speech sub categories. I already asked if we have to dress up and he said we did.

All the special Memorial Day radio programming sucked this year. There was nothing good. It made me remember why I stopped listening to the radio. I just wonder why during these special holiday programming shows do they still play the same old tired songs along with some old stuff you haven't heard in a while. The stuff that only comes out for the special holiday shows. I've heard "Doin' Time" by Sublime so many times I'm pretty sure that is like my generation's "Hotel California" or something.

I think I should apologize to my teacher for being annoying on Thursday. Gomen Sensei *bows*

I want to get my speech teacher a gift, but I'm not sure if it will be awkward. I would not want to get him something inappropriate like in that Leave it to Beaver
episode when he almost accidentally gives his teacher underwear. That would be horrible. That would be something in between Gossip Girl and Leave it to Beaver. Leave it to Gossip Girl? Then I thought what do I know about him? He likes The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, 2-tone ska music, donuts and hamburgers. I'm at a loss. I found an idea for a gift online, but I didn't feel like painting a picture frame. I know I'll come up with something eventually.

I thought Rockapella was gonna sing "Back home in Indiana" at the Indy 500, but Straight no Chaser sang instead and they were good too. Let's get a petition for Rockapella to sing at the race next year!

The Ducks lost game 4 in overtime again! >.<  Although they won game 5! ^-^

Genki Girl X2

I realized something me taking on my secret hobby and this speech class has turned me back into a genki girl. I think I always was a genki girl I had just been dormant because I was feeling sad. I'm seem to be coming off too strong and annoying.

The buses have not synced up all week. I guess I can start leaving 20 minutes early to catch the earlier bus. The day I spoke was the only time this week I've gotten on an early bus and gotten to school on time. I had been waiting at the bus stop for an hour because the bus I need to catch that goes to the school was 15 minutes late. I was late to class. But it wasn't that late it was only like 1-5 minutes. Then I realized that I have no idea what time class starts. I'm not sure if it is 10:45 or 10:50 AM. I think I need to read the syllabus a little more closely. When I got there they were doing warmups.

Some people said this one guys suit made him look like a gangster and that it was too baggy. The teacher said they were hating. I thought he looked fine. He reminded me of a "pachuco". I think somebody asked if he was gonna dance to swing music.

First they were talking about coffee in class. Which I have nothing to contribute to the conversation about. For caffeine I strictly drink soda and tea. Should he be eating bacon donuts with his high blood pressure? ;P Cronuts are no good. I wrote a review of those
knockoff ones I bought. He agreed. Nobody knows about my knowledge of donuts. I was a fat freshman in college. All I ate at the school was hamburgers, onion rings, tater tots, breakfast burritos, donuts, chai tea, Fruit Works drinks (which were the Pepsi knockoff of Fruitopia), and free samples of kettle corn in the quad the kettle corn cart gave out at 11AM.

I got a C on my speech a high "C". If I would have done better in one more area I would have gotten a low "B". He wrote his critique quite scribbly. I had to ask what he wrote sometimes his handwriting can be neat and sometimes it can be messy. I keep swaying and he said I look like a deer in the headlights. I look terrified because I am. I have a hard time hiding my fear. Why won't he let give a speech in a costume? I let my inhibitions go when I wear a costume.

He asked me if I took art classes. He doen't know how cultured I am. J/K ;P I write and I draw. Right now it's just for pleasure. I don't like the competitive environment of classes that deal with writing and drawing. He doesn't know I wear many hats. And I may have mentioned writing my wrestling fan fiction. But I haven't written that in a while. I have a had a lot of crappy and weird (in a bad way) professors through all those years I've been in college. He doesn't realize I've been going to college on and off for 7 years. Plus I had that 5 year hiatus. I told him about some of the random electives I've taken over the years. Well he thought the story about the teacher who wanted the class to pass out
newspapers was funny. Or at least he said he did. I'm not sure if he was being polite. He said he didn't know anybody from that school. I told him about the outdated videos that featured things like Pac Man in them.

I think I'm being annoying. Oops! I'll try to tone it down and try to compose myself as best I can. I wonder if he knows I like him? Possibly? *shrugs* I was thinking about visiting him during office hours, but I was acting annoying. I thought I should hold off. Maybe I will visit his office before the semester ends. I just have to play it cool. Yeah! *whistles nonchalantly*

I didn't want to read the critiques from my classmates. XoX I really feel that the people were stretching to find something good to say about my speech. Some of the reviews were so, so.

I was thinking about what special radio programs would be on this weekend. Probably those continuous mix shows. And they usually have stupid names like Memorial Mega Mixx with 2 X's. I had a great idea for an article. I have been meaning to write it down, but I've been so busy with speech class and pretending to go to Poli Sci. I was inspired by pinterest. I just needed a break and just write. It's relaxing to me.

I broke my right thumb nail really deep so please excuse my bad typing.

Well the Ducks won game 3 so that is good news.
The Red Nose Day telethon was ok some parts of it were kind of boring the segment about The Voice was funny Nick Offerman was doing the same vocal exercises we do for speech class. I thought that was hilarious! XD

The Game of Thrones the Musical was funny too. I gotta read up on Game of Thrones for my next class assignment. This last one is Game of Thrones themed. After I thought about all I know about Game of Thrones is that the author writes the books on an old computer and Lena Headey is in it. I remember because she was in the Terminator show. You know the one with Shirley in it.


Double Mint

I stayed up late editing my outline. It wasn't great, but it was better than the last 2. It was hard to format it in Word.

I was dressed like a little school kid. With my slacks and polo shirt. I got on the bus that is a half hour earlier than the bus that I usually take. I can come later tomorrow I don't have to perform. That is the rule if you come late you can't perform. That's why I made sure to come extra early. I showed the teacher my shoes. It was good that he understood about having to wear my other shoes to walk to the bus stop. I don't know who started it, but somebody started a rumor last week or 2 weeks ago that you had to perform the speech in formal wear. I don't go with the other people say. They are usually trying to trick you, so I ask the teacher first. He knows what he wants.

I took my time and tried to speak clearly. I tend to get excited/nervous and ramble. It's like "I wanna speak as fast as I can and get this speech out!" Luckily I did this speech in the time limit. My first one within the time limit. After I finished I realized that I didn't gesture or transition walk I just stood there. Frozen in fear.

I didn't notice this at first, but the teacher and I were wearing similar outfits. I'm so embarrassed. I usually get the jitters so I brought some junior mints with me to calm my stomach. I heard mint is good for the stomach. I'm not sure if that also counts chocolate covered candy form. I made sure to eat them during the break in case somebody showed some type of gruesome looking visual aid. When I asked what my grade was I was being totally neurotic. I'm real with myself I knew it wasn't an "A" speech. He said it was "C" level which was worse than my last speech, but better than my first one. So if I average them them out they make a "C". I was happy it was not an "F" or a "D". He said who else would give a speech about high blood pressure and mention a ska song. Besides myself I'm not sure :/ He thought it was funny when I said I had screen printing as an elective in junior high because the school was hurting for electives. At least I didn't mention Space Jam. We liked making screen prints of Space Jam characters.

After class he asks if the junior mints are really good for my high blood pressure. He told me he has high blood pressure too. For some reason that made me feel old. He thought it was funny when I said I have been eating beef jerky since before I had permanent teeth. He asked if I sucked on the jerky. I ate it with my baby teeth. I think I started eating jerky when I was 3. Then we were talking about bacon. Why do we usually end up talking about either food or music? :/

After school I needed to go shopping again. I bought myself a big stinky roast beef sandwich. I got 2 meals out of that thing.

Opened up Minty she had a strong plastic smell.

This is where I store my other blind bag ponies. You can also see my G1 Mommy charm. (charm not for sale)

Now that the speech is behind me I can relax and focus on my writing. *phew!*

I was at the Dream Cafe

I think I realized something I thought speech class was gonna suck, but I liked it. It's like the complete opposite of that writing class I took 5 years ago. If there is hostility I'm not feelin' it. Or even competitiveness. My writing teacher reminded me of Fiona from About a Boy. She was all hippy and flighty. Plus nobody has made any weird cult thing. So that is good. I realized my speech teacher makes me laugh, and it's a real laugh. It's not a fake polite laugh. When I do that you know it. It's a lot easier to polite laugh to people online. When you are dealing with people IRL it's a lot harder. I think if I had taken his class like 10 years ago I probably would not have liked him. I would have thought he was dorky and stupid in a bad way. Now that I'm a little older and less self conscious. I think that's why I enjoy him more. When I was younger I was a little more uptight. I also like that he doesn't seem bitter or like a know it all. He also made me think about somebody I know this person is trying or thinks they are entertaining, but they are really not. I find this other person rather bland. I think the way I look at my teacher is like Sue and Tim Tom from The Middle. I don't wanna say the "C" word as in "crush". *blushes* That's inappropriate and embarrassing! @o@ XoX

My star clips had the plastic fall off :( so I could not wear them with my Kirby shirt. Poyo!

My luck has been so-so today

The 9:15 bus came on time. But then it got held up and was late, so I missed my connector bus. I didn't care because I was not speaking today anyway. I need to take an earlier bus tomorrow. I need to leave 20 minutes earlier. There was this religious solicitor lady dressed in a tacky outfit. Why does it seem like the religious solicitors wear such tacky looking clothes?

When I walked into class somebody noticed my Kirby shirt. He wanted us to tell an embarrassing story, so I told the one about hitting my crush with a door. He said it was ok because I was in high school. I didn't tell the story about
ripping my pants at the record store. Or the story about when I danced in the library. That was a while ago I think I was like 20? It's funny and it involves the English Beat music. I think I was listening to either "Click Click" or "Twist and Crawl". Since a few of the speakers didn't show up class ended early. ^-^ Yay! I didn't dawdle to talk to the teacher or anything.

I wanted to see a counselor to say about how I'm not working towards a communications degree, but a tv one. There was like nothing available. There were a few appointments, but they were for really late in the afternoon. They said I could wait for a no show and get an appointment today. I asked how long the wait was. But the guy told me it would be 4 hours. I wasn't gonna wait that long! That is like waiting at the DPSS office. I said I didn't want an appointment. Why was the guy shocked? I didn't want to deal with that, and I'm not graduating anyway. I'll figure out another way to get the information I need.

I went to the store and managed to find a Minty blind bag pony. I bought so many things at the store the bags could not fit in my backpack. If I give a good speech I'll open her. Hello Minty! I think I won't buy anymore blind bag ponies until they have the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders they only make Apple Bloom now (which I already have). I want Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle and even Babs.

I decided to go to the corner store near the library. I bought a regular flavored jerky, but it wasn't very good. I think I'll stick to teriyaki. It was kinda spicy. I got thirsty from the jerky. I snuck a soda into the library, and it spilled all over! >.< It got all over my sucky outline I was editing with a pen. I needed to retype it anyway. I don't know there just seemed to be something off with it, but I can't place it. And it got on a few other things. I was happy I didn't damage any library books. I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode
The Cafe when Elaine was taking the IQ test for George at the Dream Cafe and spills food on the test. It involves the same things. Somebody sneaking around doing something and food getting spilled on papers.

Later I realized why didn't I look at the faculty portion of the website. I found that guy's email and phone number, but then I remembered that the school is having email problems, so I'll have to call this guy.

I fell asleep listening to the hockey game. I should have been practicing my speech. It went into 3 overtimes too bad the Ducks lost. :(

The Negaverse took my Bus

I've been having strange dreams again. I think I'm a little stressed out from speech class.

The morning started off badly. My mom chased me out and when I got to the bus stop I missed the bus that was a little earlier than the one I usually take. I should have seen this as a sign. The bus was over 15 minutes late. The bus I ride runs every 30 minutes. I catch the bus that comes at 9:15. I call the bus company they tell me they don't know when the bus is coming and they can't even find the bus. So the first thing I think of is Sailor Moon. You'd think that with all those people waiting at the bus stop with smart phones they would be the ones to check the bus schedule and if it was on time or not. I know I would if I had a smart phone. Then I thought could I get away with telling my teacher an excuse that I was on a bus that got over taken by some evil aliens (the Negaverse) and that I was rescued by a group of teenage girls and a talking cat. It sounds improbable and impossible. Who would believe it? Really!?

I did manage to make it to class on time with about 10 minutes to spare. I got a choice speaking spot. I got to pick 10th. Lucky number 10.

Before class I was listening to some Selecter to get in the mood.

We were talking about vocal music somebody said they saw Pitch Perfect 2. The teacher says he likes that kind of music and goes to see the collegiate competitions. I said about vocal music making a comeback. I said I listen to the old stuff that could mean anything, but I was hinting at Rockapella. I didn't mention them by name. Then it made me wonder if he likes the song "Indiana".

Speaking in class makes me all fidgety. I was felling really tense again and wanted to stretch. So when he makes us chant and enunciate I like to stretch in a sneaky way and sway a little. He was saying about speaking and evoking emotion. I was just smiling. I think a lot of the time I just have a goofy look on my face without even knowing it. I was smiling because I was thinking about ska music.

When I get up there to speak I'm like Sleepy Lagoon from the Yankee Doodle Daffy cartoon. All I need is the giant lollipop. I can't believe that when I read the beginning of my speech when I asked about the ska song quite a few people knew it. Strange... :/ He said I speak like a Californian. That's my home state born and raised. That sounds like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Spray paint deodorant. LOL! XD

I said  that I should give my speech in a ska outfit with creepers and a porkpie hat. I told him about my
impulse buy creepers that I bought when I turned 30. I said about putting padded insoles in my creepers. He asked if I have been to any ska shows. I have been, but it was a 3rd wave show way back in 2000. I asked him to guess my age. He knew I was over 30 since I said about impulse buying creepers at 30. I said I'm 31 which is true. He told me "Welcome to old age" he said it in such a nonchalant manner. It was funny, but you had to be there.

I was thinking if I fail speech I would have wasted a semester. Well if I get a bad grade I will take his class again, but I will not purposely fail. I like my teacher, but not enough to purposely fail.

Nostalgic and Analytical

I needed to gather all my clothes for my speech. This weekend I did everything but pratice. I watched sports, listed things online to sell,  watched the Twilight Zone, drew Sailor Moon charcters, watched Sailor Moon Crystal, got nostalgic for the 90s, etc. I think I know the opening scentence, but after that I'm not sure. :/

I needed to edit my bad outline it will have to be better than what I turned in on Thursday.

Since BB King died. He had to play some of his music. He doesn't have much. I have to be mindful of dead musicians and my dad's music collection.
Then we realized my dad can't work his CD carousel.

After I really thought about it and looked at my old blogs I think all I needed to do was to warm up to my teacher. I think you need to be appreciative/ receptive to his teaching style. He kinda reminds me of Micheal Scott from The Office, but he is not incompetent or annoying. Oh well I'm not gonna get over analytical again. I always do that! >.<

When I was looking through my old teenage magazines. I was looking for something specific. I remember thinking they were gonna give me all the answers about how to be a teenager and survive. They did nothing of the kind and really confused me.

Just Thinking about the Weather

Since I have spent the past 2 weeks going out to do stuff. I just wanted to sleep in. Plus my shoes are all wet anyway.

When I decided to calculate my grade currently it's a 73% or a C. I gotta do really well on those next assignments. :/ I want to pass this class and not fail. As much as I like my teacher I want to pass something this semester.

Good thing I missed most of The Price is Right this week since it was social media week. It was too boring and gimmicky last year.

I realized I gotta pretend to read that political science book. I also gotta prentend to be gone at school on the day of the final.


Fonts and Feet

I stayed up until 2 AM working on my assignment for class.

I was thinking about that old Dic cartoon Trollz.
I even wrote bad Trollz fan fiction. I made up fan characters; Garnet who was essentially an author avatar of me. Alex is her boyfriend you know like Alexandrite. She had an ancient named Citrine.

I like that my teacher understands I need a little alone time before class to gather my thoughts. I'm not late or anything. Perhaps it was because one of the first things I said about myself is that I'm an INFP. He asked if I did the assignment. I said I did, but I said the quality of the assignment was questionable, but I would not get a "0" because I had something to turn in. I asked if I could play the role of the disgruntled contestant who gets their name mispronounced. Then he jokingly mispronounced my name.

When I got my test back it was a "B" a high B too; if I had got one more question right it would have been a low A. Whateves it was better than the "C" from the last test.

They were telling him something about turning the chairs. He got mad because somebody confused American Idol with The Voice. If we were gonna play The Voice I want to be Gwen! ^-^
When he tells us to evaluate the assignment he was playing the theme song really loudly I could barely hear him. He needed to talk louder. I didn't get to sing anything! Not even a Selecter song! :(

I was saying about how when I take notes I have to make sure not to write down all my random thoughts that strike me like when I know I want to buy socks and jerky. The people in my group thought it was funny. I've been doing that for a while. It's just how I think.

Somebody said Urban Outfitters is having a sale. Yeah, like I shop there. I'm over 30! I think the only thing I would buy there would be records. And not because it's trendy. I don't even know where the nearest one is. Pasadena? I buy my clothes at places like Old Navy and Target. Nobody in the class knows how cheap I am. Cheapness is a sense.

He said this is the time of year when stuff breaks and you can't get to school or do your work. I'm afraid my used monitor will conk out on me. I got it used and for cheap.

When we left he didn't even say "(his name) out!" I was kinda disappointed that was a missed opportunity there.

I did end up playing the role of the disgruntled contestant. Somebody said there was something wrong with the font. I was like "What's wrong with the font?!". He said there was nothing wrong with the font it just needed some more research.

I needed some more references for my speech so I got a few at the library. Now I need to work them into the speech. When I left the library it was raining. It wasn't raining hard. I needed to go and find some building, but I knew it was close by the library. So I went looking around for that guy they told me to find, but I think I got sent to the wrong building. Maybe I need to make another appointment with the counselor. Maybe they can straighten this up.

I left in defeat. I got so cold and wet waiting for the bus and I realized my sweatshirt doesn't fit very well. I need to get a bigger one. My gut is just too big. I was gonna buy some jerky, but it was too rainy to. I got all wet waiting for the bus at the bus stop for 20 minutes. My shoes and socks were so wet! When I was walking all I could hear was sloshing. I touched a snail while was walking home. Not the whole thing just the antenna. I hoped it would make it all the way across the sidewalk. Because my feet were so wet they got all wrinkled. When I got home I just lied and said that class ended early and the buses were running on a funky schedule.

I found this quote on pinterest "Never discourage anyone who continually make progress, no matter how slow" by Plato. I like it because it reminds me of slowly trying to finish college.

I was reading my old blogs about speech class and I'm glad I didn't drop the class like I had planned to do.



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