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A Familiar Trade In


I noticed those shoe Shopkins remind me of the shoes from Readalong. Anybody remember that show? The wedge shoe Shopkin will fit on a Barbie foot, but I don't recommend putting it on the doll's foot/feet. The strap on that figure is very thin and weak. You can't put the bunny slipper on any doll's foot it's not hollow. It's solid plastic.

Here is something funny my dad told me that I could inherit his record collection. The only problem is that I really don't want them. If I did get them I'd probably take them to a trade in record store and say something like "How many No Doubt albums can I get for these?". It could be like that Seinfeld episode "The Old Man". Anyway they are probably good titles and such, but they are in poor condition from him enjoying and playing them. I learned that record stores don't like
compilations. He's mad that I told him he needs to buy a special record player to convert his music to MP3s because his one from the 1970s doesn't have USB ports on it.


A Dethroned Favorite


I don't know I feel that Halloween has possibly dethroned Christmas. The only reason now that I really like Christmas more than Halloween is because of the smell. I think I've mentioned this a few times before, but as holidays go Halloween smells awful! fake fog, latex, and face paint. Why can't face paint smell better? Of course the candy smells great! I remember I mentioned this to my dead friend. She thought the idea was funny I couldn't believe she agreed with me on this. I liked her because she would usually like and agree with my silly thougths and hypotheses. Christmas smells like pine, cinnamon, fresh baked goods, chocolate, fireplaces, ham, turkey, tamales, and whatever other goodies you like to eat at that time. Basing holiday rankings on smell alone Christmas would rank highly and so would Thanksgiving. Halloween and the 4th of the July would be about equal using this system.

Actually saying Halloween is my favorite holiday might be a good plug for myself when I apply for a Halloween store. Would not be faking my enthusiasm for Halloween. It runs in the family. I could work my way up from Halloween store worker to scare actor. Christmas is about giving back and being cheerful and all that kind of stuff. Halloween is about not being yourself, greed and fear. That is right up my alley. Halloween is easy to enjoy as an adult you just celebrate it in a different way. You go to haunted houses, dress up as sexy things, and other stuff like that. Of course dressing up as something sexy is not my thing. When you are a kid you go around parading in your costume. A lot of times you don't even care about what you are dressed as. Just as long as people give you candy.

I'm not totally soured on Christmas yet. Not like Valentine's Day. I'm almost totally soured on that holiday. Greedy, catty, bitches ruined it for me. I think the holiday seems harder if you are a woman. IDK. *shrugs* Anna Howard Shaw Day!


Flying Blind on Christmas


I wrote a joke status on facebook, and it got a lot of likes. *rolls eyes* my humor was lost on them. *sighs*

Ok ok, so you wanna see the loot right?

I went to bed late. It was already Christmas morning when I went to bed. So I decided to open that open Shopkins. I got a kettle and carrot cake. Good thing there were 2 in there and I got a dollar off on them! The kettle is named Ma Kettle. LOL! Like the name of the lady from those movies. I got 3 other Shopkins Blind Baskets and no doubles. I didn't want to speak too soon when opening them.

I got a rare glittery broom and lamp. I got some of the same ones Bin and Jon got in their Shopkins video.

Here is a picture of all my Shopkins including the 2 from the season 1 blind basket that I had before.

Well there isn't much. I did get a Cheese Sandwich yay! If I had not that would have been a first world problem. It's way moby! I got my Big Wig figure. I got 3 other blind bags I had bought for myself. I got 2 unicorns.

They were all different ponies, and they are not doubles of the ones I already have.
All my blind bag size ponies.

I can play with the miworld accessories. I wish there would have been more food ones for sale at the Toys R Us. I already mentioned that before. The thing I didn't like about the miworld accessories is that you have to put the stickers on the items. I think I might skip that and just use the accessories as is. It says it has 6 pieces, but the hot dog is 2 parts the bun and the hot dog and the tray is just made of cardboard.

I got my shoe insoles proper foot care in your 30s is very important.

My dad really liked his 10¢ Raiders office supplies. I was going to make him a Raiders themed card to go along with it, but I forgot. I told him he can write his football rankings in there. I didn't notice that the expensive price tags said Kmart on them.

What happened to the Disney Parade? I miss the days when it was just a big commercial to go Florida. I can't remember how many Christmas mornings I would try to convince my parents to take me to Kissimmee, Florida. I still have not been to Florida. I haven't heard of most of the celebrities in it. Tebow and Kobe I've heard of them. Train was there it's funny because I mentioned Train earlier this month in my blog. Why are there so many performances now? Reuniting people? Why can't it be a straight up parade?

My dad is disappointed he could not find the Laker game on tv today. They have been sucking for the past few years. I didn't know the lakers have played on Christmas day since the 60s.

My mom got a lot of phone calls. I was telling my incle about my Mister Ed obsession. I didn't know my uncle did a Mister Ed impression. It was so funny!

I had a turkey loaf thing for dinner! They are really making them smaller and smaller. :( I better take my medicine I ate a lot of rich foods.

I was thinking about that stand up routine Seinfeld did on the Tonight Show about clutter. Anybody want me to mail them some of my garbage?

Missing on Christmas Eve?


My dad was bragging about his rankings this morning *rolls eyes* He's mad because his ranking dropped and his ranking is tied with the local sportscaster who is also playing along.

My parents went to the store looking for a bath mat. I was going to look at the toys. All they had were overpriced Monster High dolls and outfits. They had a few Ever After High dolls, but I don't know I like Monster High better. They seemed to have more playsets in stock. I don't have room for those. I barely have rooms for the dolls. There was nothing good so I left the store. This echos from something that happened to me a long time ago as a child. I got lost at Target when I was 3. A lost 30 year old! That is sad! Even if I did get lost I could find my way back I had my cell phone and money for bus fare. I could navigate my way back from the bus stop. Then they tell me my dad was meticulously looking for bath mats. Coming from my dad that was no surprise.

We got Christmas Eve tamales! My dad eats fresh tamales with canned chili. Do other people eat them like this? He's the only person I know who does. Another weird food combination from him. ;P I really wanted to buy some tamales at the mall. I know that sounds strange, but there is a supermarket in the mall now that sells tamales.

Here is something funny my dad and I were both thinking about. We have both been longing for a trip to the record store. The last 2 CDs I bought I bought at the Target and at the Best Buy. I wasn't going to any fancy record store or anything. Actually I haven't purchased any physical music in a while.

Here is something fun to watch today. ;P

The Computer Repair Saga


My dad wanted to get the computer diagnosed. I didn't want him to talk over me when we talked to the tech person. He always does that? He always acts like he's so smart why doesn't he do that. I thought if he did I'd suddenly get "shy" and not want to talk about the symptoms. When we brought it into the store the longest part was the waiting. I knew my dad was gonna get upset, and I was feeling tense. He wanted to fill out the symptoms on the repair sheet, so I let him. I just added stuff. ;P When we actually got to talk to somebody I let my dad do the talking. My dad got mad when the tech guy was asking all these questions my dad couldn't answer, but I could. The tech guy was asking about the different programs I had installed in the computer. The tech guy was named Scott my dad wanted me to remember his name, and my dad wanted me to think of a famous Scott. I was thinking about Mr. Leonard. LOL!

I didn't mention that to my dad he doesn't know who that is. We were told it was going to be at the store for at least a day.
Two days later my dad thought the computer was more broken than we thought it was because we still hadn't heard anything back from the store. On the third day he makes me call the store to check on the status of the repair. I was told t
hey were having a hard time booting the computer. Which was the same problem we were having. I don't know I found that kinda funny. I was told there might be a problem with memory. They wanted to put it through another diagnostic. I thought "If that is really the problem when they really find out what it is they would tell us." I just hoped me or the workers would not blamed for "breaking" the computer like my dad did with the last one. What he failed to realize was that our old computer was old and the hard drive and motherboard were shot.
On day four we get another call they diagnosed it. It was bad memory, and Windows was corrupt. They had to do a system restore. It was a good thing I backed up my data. My dad still doesn't understand what a system restore is, and that it erases all the data. My dad only seemed to be interested in saving his firefox bookmarks. He didn't to be too concerned about his data being erased though. I love when my dad talks to the tech people it's a good laugh. He usually has no idea what they are telling him, and I have to interpret what the tech people say. The repair pricing systems was different from how it was before. I was worried I'd have to reinstall everything like the time they fixed our old computer. Things like flash, shockwave, java and adobe. That is when I started planning a blog entry.
Day five: Got another call  about the computer. They were installing 1 gig of Ram it had 4 originally, but 2 were bad so it was running on 2. So there would be 3 in there when they were done. They said we could always upgrade it if we wanted to. I had a lot of questions about this, and I wrote them all down. My dad usually asks the most stupid and uninformed questions ever!
When we picked it up from the store the next day. I made sure to ask all my questions. The problem was that the bad memory was making it look like the computer had a bad graphics card. I wanted to know if they had installed things like adobe and java. I also wanted to know if Chrome was installed. My dad doesn't know about Chrome, so me and a different tech guy are trying to explain about it. We were saying about how it is different from firefox. Sadly my dad's bookmarks weren't recovered. Right when we were ready to leave my dad asks a really WTH? question. He wants to know if the recycle bin in your computer has anything to do with trashing emails. It was very hard for me to hold back my laughter. When we get it back to the apartment. I see firefox has changed. It was so bothersome.

My dad's main concern when the computer was broken were the games that local tv stations run that are NFL related with trivia and game picks that he is participating in. He won't stop talking about his rankings all week! It's so annoying! My concern was the neopets advent calendar.


It's a Festivus Miracle!


Happy Festivus! Well it still is in my timezone. Surprisingly this was a good Festivus this year. Too bad I seem to be the only person in my immediate family who seems to celebrate it. Visited my Uncle and went to the mall. It wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. I've been so busy working on my neopets shop. I saw some cute and expensive clothes in a Rockabilly store. Why did I never embrace the Rockabilly subculture? The women just seem so groomed. I could use a nice outfit to go with those creepers I bought as an impulse buy earlier this year. I could always work them into a Rude Girl outfit. Or maybe even something Lolita inspired or even some type of Halloween costume. My creative juices might be flowing right now. And there are some tamales waiting for me. Yay! ^-^

That My Little Nightmare special to me seemed more like a movie. Usually when UTB chops up the specials into parts they usually cut them in an odd way and you have to watch like 10-15 minutes of the special that you saw last week. This one just continued from where it left off. The second part was better than the first part, but I didn't get the ending. I think the little girl's father was the dream prince and it was nice to see Yumenoke.

I love my Cousin, she's the Best!


I love my little cousin! I don't want this to border on the territory of creepy. No really, I think she is so awesome! I mentioned before that she likes Pokèmon. I just love the way she looks at the world. She still sees everything through the eyes of a child. She's one of the few reasons I still keep a facebook page. I like to think that if we were the same age in either my timeline or hers we'd be firends. Sometimes she makes me think about what I liked at her age. Let's see... Lisa Frank, The Little Mermaid, My Little Pony, Disney Adventures, Minnie 'n' Me, Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Barbies, and Mathnet.

You wanna know a secret? *whispers* I'm terrified of children. I don't hate children or anything like that they just scare me. Especially the ones I don't know. Which is funny in a way because people think I'm really good with children. My fear is not irrational it stems from a childhood trauma. When I was a older kid about 10 or so I met these girls who were a little younger than me. They were all little terrors. One time one of the girls threw my skates and pads in the bushes of a neighbor's house at night. Another time they were plotting to gang up on me and beat me up. My mom didn't like them much either. Anyway the youngest of the group who was 4 had the most attitude of them all. We didn't get along very well. Ideally I'd like to get over this fear. It's a really silly thing to be afraid of. Not like my fear of earthquakes.

I've known my cousin all her life so were cool. I like to treat her as if she was my own. It's ok I don't have any kids. I think that if I had a kid it would be about her age. I shouldn't have kids for 3 reasons; I'm stupid, I'm selfish, and I'm poor. Those are all really good reasons not to have kids.


Miscellaneous Computer Repair Blog


Here are all the things I thought were worth writing about when the computer was being repaired. The story of it being repaired gets it's own entry. Most of this is random thoughts.

I tried an onigiri for the first time. It was really salty. It had a surimi filling. I bought it at the grocery store. I remembered how to open and eat it from watching I Can Speak Japanese. Thanks Honigon! It was good at first, but then it got soggy.

I had bought a new notebook and with no computer I knew I was going to have no problem filling it up. During the time it was broken I filled up about 1/4 of it.

After I thought about it my dad influenced the lettuce and rib patty sandwich. I'm pretty sure he did. I know I did not come up with that combination by myself. Why would he suggest such a combination? That is the opposite of what he usually does. He likes weird food combinations, but won't admit to it. He always wants me to hold in my weirdness. He wonders and is annoyed by why I'm so neurotic about my appearance.

My mom was complaining that I take a long time to write correspondence. I'm a perfectionist with my correspondence.

I felt like writing some bad poetry. I also wanted to work on my stories even if I didn't have a computer to put them into. I could still use good ol' paper and pen. While I was writing in my paper diary listening to "Tragic Kingdom" in my bedroom. I felt I transcended time I was like a teenager again. Then after I thought about it I don't like the song "Sixteen" as much as I used to when I was a teenager.

I found some old Pokèmon toys in my storage space to give to my cousin. I never realized how many toys I collected back then. I'm planning on giving her the doubles. I managed to collect a lot of those too. I don't want anybody thinking I'm pawning off my random junk on her.

The Bassett Ralph's closed. That was a pretty old store I used to go there in the 80s with my grandma back when I was a Alpha Beta and they had that old style sign with the boy on it. The San Dimas one closed earlier this year. Why does it seem like all the Ralph's are closing? Well the Glendora location is still here.

If Vin Scully did have a Christmas program like in The Simpsons I'd watch it. I think I mentioned it before, but I find his voice soothing.

Jimmy Fallon brought back The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters from Late Night.

I ended up finding the 10¢ Raiders notebook and folder I bought for my dad at the old Kmart. I couldn't pass up 10¢ notebooks! I didn't wrap them very well, and I left the "expensive" price stickers on them of $1.99 and $2.99.

The cold weather is making me crave heartier food. The "stick to your ribs" kind. It was easier to eat healthy when the weather was warmer.

Why do police news conferences seem to not really say anything?

Why are improv skits important in non-acting classes? I never got that.

I got caught up on a lot of my writing.


Sock Shopping


It was Craig Ferguson's last episode of the Late Late show. When I went to a taping of his show in December 2009. It was the second taping of a tv show I've been to ever. I'll wait and see how I feel about the new guy taking over. I'm not very familiar with him. I wanna watch a few of the new guy's show before I make a judgement.

At the Toys R Us they had miWorld stuff. For some reason my local Walmart never got those toys or Shopkins. I didn't want the playset. I just wanted the accessory pack. After I saw the review of them on the MyFroggyStuff channel on youtube I knew I wanted some. I picked out the Dairy Queen accessory set. It's food! I was gonna get the Clare's set too, but what was I going to do with a toy piercing gun? They also had some Winx Club dolls including some Dark Sirenix witch dolls I was thinking about getting one, but I don't have a lot of space. The witch dolls aren't really show accurate. I don't even have a full "Club" anyway. I have Stella, Flora and Tecna. Too bad Jakks never made Mythix dolls that was cute looking transformation.

I think I found Cheese Sandwich and Big Wig blind bag ponies. I found one lone shopkins blind basket still shrink wrapped.

I saw some rain boots like mine they cost less, but I saved myself the stress of going around to stores looking for my size. My dad and I went looking for slipper socks for my mom. We could not for the life of us find them. Are those out of style or something? Some of the workers in the store had no idea what we were talking about. We went to so many stores!

Pizza Lookin' Cookie


I thought I'd write about their songs sporadically. So people who read this blog won't be annoyed with me constantly making posts about Rockapella songs. I'll just pepper the entries with my thoughts about some of their songs. I think there is one more song of theirs I want to write about. If you want a comprehensive paragraph long review of "Hula Holiday" you can read that here. I got the idea for that article back when I was sick in the hospital in September.

Here are my thoughts on 2 of their other songs from the "Out Cold" album.
"NYC Winter" this song is so sad. It's about a guy who gets shot. Sorry for the spoiler. It's very romantic. It is very 90s sounding. "For the Love" doesn't really seem like a holiday song. It's a great song though. I love the lyrical dissonance. I prefer the stripped down version off the "Primer" album. It has a nice doo-wop sound.

Here is a large cookie I had my mom make me. It's maraschino cherries on top of a scratch dough sugar cookie with almond/cherry favoring in the dough instead of vanilla. It kinda looks like a pizza.

I got some of that Sugar Cookie Crisp cereal. I like it! It tastes like vanilla Cookie Crisp.



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