I've Moved!

I'm moving to wordpress. Here is my url. https://pikapal91746.wordpress.com/2015/07/13/hello-world/

I thought about tumblr, but I hate the sheer volume of pictures. To me only pictures with no text is not blogging. I understand you run the John Cena tumblr fan page but one entry consisting of 30 GIFs of him takes a while to load and I don't know does nothing for me. And the more I try to use it the more complicated to seems to be. 

Erased Again!

Livejournal erased my draft again! This is like the 3rd time they've done this to me! Perhaps I need to pack it up and find a new blogging platform. I'm running out of places to blog at online. Perhaps wordpress? I'm done with blogger and possibly this place. Plus all those problems with the search funtion I seem to be having.

If you have any suggestions please post them here. 

You Already Suck

I haven't been getting any sleep because my neighbor is playing loud music from 3-4AM.

The problem is that when UTB has a problem it seems like nobody is there to notice or anything. They have to read messages online by angry viewers. I'm very loyal viewer to their channel. I mean I'm willing to deal with some broadcast problems. Every station has them. I mean it's the length of the problem. Looping footage for a half hour. Frozen images for hours. It was sort of a good thing Detective Conan was not on the air. I went to get my free slurpee earlier than I had planned.

Who knew I could already suck at something I haven't even attempted yet? That is a new record even for me! Then I was thinking about Kurt Angle and his WWE entrance song. And how it goes "You Suck!" And that's the way I feel about my secret hobby especially since I haven't done anything yet. Well I still have about a month to work on something. I really wanna do something. Even if my parents don't understand or pretty much anybody else for that matter.

Motivational Cycle

It didn't take too long to get there by bus. The place was hard to find. It's sort of close to the bus stop. Then I remembered a lot of hobbyists in my secret hobby started off with something costume related.I hoped I would hate the interview. I really really did. But that didn't happen. She seemed to like me, and we live in the same city. I admitted to riding the bus because usually that is a way to weed people out. The strange thing was she was a bus rider, and encouraged me to keep riding the bus. She was also interested that I sell things on ebay. I don't sell clothes. Which is funny since I'm so ready to throw in the towel with ebay. Too bad she didn't bring up the secret hobby. She was showing me some of the stuff she was working on. I think she might have gotten mad when I said the raver shirt reminded me of a mermaid. It was all sparkly like fish scales. I could see my Little Mermaid doll wearing that fabric as a fin. I don't want to get into the details until I know I have it because I know how it will end up. My parents will be mad at me for screwing up again. They will say things like. "Why did you take this? You are working for free!?" They will get mad at me because I applied for an internship. My scrawny resume needs something. Which after I thought about it might not even be legal. I'll need to look that up. I mean the particular way it is set up.

Then I went to the mall because I needed a bus pass. I was hungry, so I went to the McDonald's. I make sure to keep track of the deals. I got the $2.50 McDouble and small fries deal. The place was swarming with small children. So is that how kids spend their summer? In the mall? Or am I just old school? I mean younger than 7. I went to the Hot Topic, but there was nothing there I really wanted. Are they focusing more on collectibles now? I need some novelty shoelaces and would prefer to find them locally.

I was trying to talk to my mom on the phone. This whole city gets horrible reception for some reason. My calls are always getting dropped. Anyway while I trying to do that this lady gets mad because I'm taking up space on the sidewalk. Come on! Really!? I'm not bothering you. I'm just walking back to my apartment listening to Rockapella music. It reminded me of this blog I read about this guy who complains about being in a diner, and the various annoying people in it. That side walk is wide. Wide enough for us to both fit. And you shouldn't even be riding a bike on the sidewalk. What are you 12? She was way older than 12 years old. For me taking up too much space on the sidewalk and being slow or whatever her problem was. She kept stopping if she was in such a rush wouldn't she have kept going? Then I catch her stopped smoking a cigarette browsing on her smart phone. WTH!? Annoying bicycle lady?!

All my mom seems to be interested in is the pay, and the hours. I don't have the heart to tell her what I really did. I'm not gonna tell her anything more until I know for sure I have it or not.

They already think I'm gonna fail and I haven't even done anything; yet. Way to go hobbyists! You are a cheerful and motivational bunch.
Truthfully I wanna have all my shit together before I attempt anything, or I might end up being another embarrassment to the hobby like all the other horrible ones who fell by the wayside. That seems to be some of their vendettas. Maybe I need a more focused attempt? I'm upset and confused again.

Dress the Part

I realized that there are very few to no Poli Sci online classes offered at the college. I'd love to take an online Poli Sci class. I think something like Speech or Japanese would be harder since you have to speak with and interact with people. Maybe I'll be bad and take electives related to my secret hobby which has nothing to do with my major or general education. I think I should try calling the school.

I'm going for an internship for a costume shop tomorrow. They wanted me with no experience, and I even used the secret hobby card. Because why not use it for this? Or should I have looked at the red flags? They advertised this on craigslist in the "gigs" section. Like what happened with that
ice cream shop. That place is still going, but they have a horrible rating on yelp; it's 2 stars. I think the only reason it's still in business is because it's a franchise place and there are very few of that chain in the area. Oh well I'll go to the interview and see what happens. It might not be a good fit.

Mom said she could see that after I took that speech class I got more self confidence. Is it really that evident? Maybe that's all I need a little more self confidence. I felt like Paras from the Pokemon episode
"The Problem with Paras" where all it needed was some self confidence to evolve.

I had a dream about blankets and according to
this site it means comfort.

I'm officially bored with Candy Crush Soda and Cookie Jam. I've gotten stuck on hard levels and seem to have plateaued. Juice Jam is ok, but I find it kinda boring.

Hobbyist Under Construction

Something just doesn't feel right. You know with my dilemma of feeling like a fraud. Maybe imagination and creativity is not gonna cut it. The rebel told me that nothing I buy is really gonna help me. I'd just be throwing money at the problem which a lot of them seem to do. Throwing money I don't have at a problem I seemingly made up. What if I have crappy homemade crap? The others say otherwise. There's not visual evidence. Nothing to show the others. They think I'm not working on it because there is nothing to show for it. It's hard to explain what I'm doing since I seem to be approaching this hobby with a philosophical approach.

I'd rather be established than finish college. Although I've been putting other things on hold like chores which I should be doing.

I know once I really get into it I won't want to stop. I still really want to get an appenticeship, but not if I'm going to start college. Although that makes me look lazy towards the hobby. I know myself too well. Way more than the other hobbyists do. Remember what happened with Poli Sci? and that was only one class! I'd be like "I'm skipping class to go to some secret hobby thing. School is boring!" I could see it now. My parents being mad at me for ditching class saying things like "You quit school for this?!" I'm growing impatient with the hobby and with schooling. Plus I think they are worried about me since I'm 31 and haven't finished college. Or worse "Remember you quit school to pursue (secret hobby), and it was just a passing phase?" I don't know I feel emotionally stunted. I'm like an 18 year old at best. I'm lucky my speech teacher kept me engaged in his class and I passed or I would have wasted a semester! Plus since I'm close to being finished a wasted semester hurts even more. No matter what I take

Registration for the college is on the 15th or it starts on that day. I'll probably get a bad date as usual. I haven't been back that long I want to see if there is a way I can skirt around taking Poli Sci again or a variation of it. Maybe I can see a counselor before I take my classes. or sign up for Poli Sci and drop it before the fees are due. There's gonna be a lot of bus riding to the school. I have to check if my paper work has cleared. I've been trying to get an appointment with the counselor, but the website isn't working. Or maybe it's because of the holiday or their website may be broken.
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The Free Ride When I Didn't Pay, Yet

I had to ride the bus somewhere. That is the 2nd time this week that I got on a bus with a broken fare box. A lot was broken on that bus. The stop bell thing didn't work, and the thing that tells you the stops didn't work either. I got off at the wrong stop, but manged to outwalk the bus. I got where I needed to be. It was such a hassle to get there and Bing maps gave me the wrong directions. I could have taken a bus that was way closer to where I walk. I was so mad!
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Miscellaneous July 2015 Blog

I'm still not making much money with selling stuff online. Trying to precisely calculate shipping is making me poor. I was trying to do this, but should go back to flat rates for shipping. I had been having problems with people who were having shipping disputes. I had 3 within a short time. People kept complaining I was charging too much for shipping. I was selling heavy glassware. Unless they wanted a broken thing. I can't afford that $900 thing at this rate! I couldn't afford something $90 or even $9! >.<

While I was walking I noticed the street littered with fireworks carcasses, and pox marked streets and sidewalks from the explosions.

I still hadn't heard back from the pizza place. They said to call back on Friday, but I let them have the holiday off. When I called they said they called me back, but I still haven't heard anything. I'm not being annoying/persistent.

I saw that show on tv with Toad the Wet Sprocket again it was funny because I was singing along with "Good Intentions". I told my mom how could I not know who they are or at least that song if I was singing it from memory.

So Sailor Moon Crystal is wrapping up. I think? Maybe there will the S, SuperS and Stars sagas too. I'll have to see. I have the #7 Mixx Manga book and the last chapter of the R saga is long. It's at least 2-3 episodes worth of material.

UTB is apologizing for their poor quality broadcasts like looping footage, choppy footage and scrunched programming. Last week Amachan was hard to watch, and The Gutsy Frog looked pretty choppy.

The Confused Frog

I was thinking about this funny cracked article about saving money. That "advice" blog is pretty much this stuff. You know what I also find funny when people "blog", but they just copy and paste other people's posts and do nothing else with it. Not commentary or anything.

UTB is being cheap and rerunning The Gutsy Frog. This series will last them for 1 year and 3 months. Well now I have free Sundays which is good for working. I was a little suspicious since I was waiting for a commercial for them to run promoting their new Sunday morning anime. They are rerunning Kenmin/Hometown pride show which they showed from May to November of last year. I only want to see 2 episodes I missed of that series one from when I got sick and had to go to the hospital in late September and one they didn't air because of technical difficulties in November. It was the last episode that they had to show. Maybe they are hurting for programming?

My dad is trying to be hip again and pretending he likes Toad the Wet Sprocket. I like some of their songs. I used to listen to them like in 6th grade. I think? It was like 20 years ago. I know I have a tape of the Friends soundtrack with "Good Intentions" on it. "All I Want"  is good too. He confused them with Box of Frogs? "Music experts" like him are annoying. >.<
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Not When Pigs Fly but Surf

So it's the 4th of July. Sailor Moon wears red, white and blue. Although she really has nothing to do with America. Then I realized I had been watching Sailor Moon for about a year

A local radio station had a
surf pig. Too bad it was just a fake pig on a surfboard strapped to the top of a van.
I though it was this surfing pig.

My dad was trying to be cool pretending that he likes the song "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters. Until today I've never heard him mention liking the song. And I talk about it quite frequently. I started watching season 6 of Community. I need to get caught up with it. After I thought about it maybe I'm a lot more like Britta than I think. Isn't the character supposed to be my age? Or maybe I'm still the Abed. Buzzr was showing old game show episodes that were aired on the 4th of July. A nice little marathon of old games shows to watch. Too bad they didn't show Combs' debut episode on Family Feud. That premiered on July 4th 1988. Has anybody seen that Bianca talk show? It's pretty awful. I watched it and didn't laugh once. It reminds me of those old "Entertainers" shows with Byron Allen.

Why do people who have "advice" blogs get so mad when you point out an obvious hole in their "advice". Seriously some of those "advice" blogs are just shit. If the person could just change the problem so quickly then would they not have or worry about the problem if it was so "easy" to solve? The advice is usually really bad too. It will be something like "Successful people eat broccoli 7 times a day and have a pet cat". You read it and go "Huh? That's some bull!"