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Fantastic Educational Advice

When I was a kid I was a smart ass. Only because few adults use to Bullshit me with really dumb "facts". I would call them out on it, and when I look back on it I possibly knew too much for my own good. Which may or may not have been a good thing. I think it was all my supplemental learning back when I use to think science was fun and all that stuff. I don't hate science it's just after a certain level it gets boring to me. I really hate the math part. This isn't just a stereotypical girl thing I'm gonna fall into. I've hated math since the 1st grade. I was always bad or "slow" at it. I was never one of those "compute it in your head people" unless the problem was really easy.

So one day while I was watching a late night tv show there was a rapper on the show and he said something like to hide being smart because especially reading books. (Not exactly an advocate for literacy) I have to be honest on this blog here. I really don't like reading books. Well I have a hard time finding something I like. I used to like reading magazines when those were around. I really have a hard time visualizing stuff in my head when I read books. Especially if the book starts off slow. I have a better chance of sticking with a bad movie or tv series. So I did what he said. Plus at school I felt I was getting no respect by being smart. I mean I would answer the teacher's questions and other kids would yell "Shut up!" at me or get mad. No respect. Why I was taking educational advice from a rapper I'm not sure. I was an impressionable girl in junior high. What he said really made sense at the time.

I will not explicitly name the rapper, but there are hints to figure out who he is.

I think I'll read a book under a street light.
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