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So I agreed to go with my cousin to go and audition for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

What did I get myself into!?

The closest thing I could think of was when I auditioned to be a sign spinner. They wanted the perky cheerleader type. Why does this seem to be a recurring personality trait at many of the job interviews I go to? I had been trying to practice my vacant stupid smile. But it looks weird, creepy and dorky.

The worse thing that could happen would be that I blank out, or do something strange like speak in French or something. Or I could start my nervous rambling which somehow came off as
outgoing at a job interview.

I'm a total amature a; noob. I have no professional acting experience to speak of.

I'm trying to do as much research as I can through the internet. I've never done this before. I don't want it to be like that time when I to a interview for a restaurant, and I wasn't exactly sure what they sold.
I didn't memorize the menu. Funny thing is that place was having open interviews recently. The lady was so rude to me I don't want to go back.

I should stick to my no goofy internet videos rule, but I think scary ones would be ok. I don't want to be asked to scream loudly and all I can think about was some silly cat video I saw. Actually screaming won't be a problem. I can practice in my building. All that can be heard all day is mournful cries by children calling out to their mothers. It can be buried in all the other screams and not noticeable.

After thinking really hard about what I was good at naturally. It finally came to me. Zombie! I walk slowly, and don't talk much around strangers. I mumble a lot too. Sometimes I even have a gaping open mouth. I knew if I thought long and hard enough I'd come up with something.

Well here is my acting resume. All school productions.

I was never really good at acting when I was in school. Actually I signed up for a play in 6th grade because I wanted a coveted actor's role in the next mandatory spring school production. Being in the
"catch all" chorus full of riff raff students the year before wasn't fun. In the play I got the co-star part, and I didn't stay in character. I wanted the co-star part because it had the easiest costume to make.

In 7th grade charades became a fad. I'm not really sure why or how that happened. I think it was because one the 7th grade English teachers was teaching drama which I also happened to be in that class. I didn't like it much because there was a lot of improv exercises, and because I wasn't popular I would always get stuck working with the people in the class who didn't speak English.  I think the charades fad started because the kids in a different English class period tricked the teacher into playing charades instead of doing work. Hey it beat writing essays or learning about grammar. This went on for a few days maybe even over a whole school week. Anyway it all ended when somebody got "pig". Somebody said to point to a certain girl in the class. I don't know much about this because I didn't happen in my class, and I only got second hand information.That English teacher was infamous for saying things in a roundabout way. She was trying to tell the story to my class period (which was the last one of the day) without saying who said what or who is was said about. Without trying to say what she was trying to say everybody knew the parties involved. Anyway because I happened to be in the drama class at the time. I had to play the role of miner #2 in a dumb play about a leprechaun whose treasure was books. We had to perform it for some St. Patrick's Day event for the school board. Electives really sucked that year. I had home economics, drama, and screen printing all in one school year. What a strange combination of classes! I think I pretty much hated all of them. The worse part about them was that I didn't even get to choose these horrible elective classes.

French was hard too because I had to act out skits in French. That was hard enough in English! I tried to take them as seriously as I could, but I used to
corpse really badly. Like worse than Jimmy Fallon. That's why I like Fallon so much.

Maybe all I need to is flush all the bad acting experiences from school out of my mind. I should do something my art teacher told me which was to build my art self esteem. Well this would be acting self esteem.

Well if I don't get the job I can put it on the long list of "things I've done".
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