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Hellacous Interview

A while ago I went to an interview for a ice cream shop that will remain nameless.

There were many red flags I ignored. Desperation can do that to you. Here are some the things that I ignored:
The email address in the ad was a silly one like icecreamrebecca54321@domain.com
I was called about the interview at 7PM.
Loitering at a Starbucks for an interview.

When I got there I wasn't sure who the person interviewing was. I was told on the phone to look for the lady with folders and stuff. Well there were a few ladies with folders. She said she was interviewing there because the ice cream place was under construction. She had put me down for 11:30 AM for an interview.

Time was late I had no idea what to do because she was late to interview me. I was listening to the person she was talking to before me. I'm not sure if she was just talking to that person or it was an interview. Anyway I heard something bad. The lady said she only had enough money for 3 months of payroll. I thought "That isn't good." Anyway her and this person were B.S.ing for at least 30 minutes.

Here is an excerpt of the notes I took before the interview. "ttly unprofessional at a starbucks not on time. CL (craigslist) ad not expecting much. Seemed like B.S.ing hard to find.

Count the time from 11:30 AM - 11:40 to be interviewed. How long should I wait?"

I told myself if she did not start interviewing me by 11:45 I'd leave. When it was 11:30 I politely interrupted her and said I was there. It's not really like she was watching the clock. She continued B.S.ing for another 10 minutes! I'm pretty sure it was more of the lady not having her shit together than an interview waiting test.

There were so many distractions there. We were sitting outside on the patio. The Starbucks was located near a railroad crossing. There were blaring fire engine sirens. There were a bunch of birds flying near us and making distractions. The interviewer also looked distracted.

I just decided to add this to my long list of bad interviews.

Anyway here are some fun articles on the issue. (I think the onion one is the best.)





A couple days later I got a rejection email, but I wasn't surprised that interview was bad on both ends. I can't wait to read the yelp reviews when this place opens in 2 months.
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