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Have you ever done something, and then after you thought about it realized you saw the same thing in a tv show?

Well I did sorta. It was sort of like the Seinfeld episode "The Phone Message". I'm so George Costanza! And my mom wears sneakers in the pool (ok not really) @.@ "Tippy toe! Lemon tree!"

Why do people have to prove that they are adults? They say things like I'm an adult now I have a job, or I live alone, or have a significant other, etc. Does doing these things really make them an adult? Not really. I read about this all the time online and I used to believe it too for a while.
I remember seeing a cartoon about this subject. The cartoon said that the only way to be an adult is to be seen as an adult by others. I guess that would make me partially an adult. Since I can do adult things like gamble, vote, buy alcohol and cigarettes, and other adult things. I can be tried as an adult. I'm not sure if other people see me as an adult not in the literal sense.

Speaking of things adults do I've been trying to find a bank and it's aggravating me. I'm just really annoyed with the lack of knowledge these bankers have about paypal. I've been to 2 different banks and the people who work there cannot help about paypal in the least! They know nothing about it! Should they know something? This is what annoys me about banks besides the fees.

I woke up early for me like at 7AM. I awoke from a wonderful dream. Which is a nice change of pace from the nightmares I've been having for about the past week. I was also very hungry. Anyway my parents complain when I wake up early and make a lot of noise when I cook. Which is hard because I was using pans and stuff. I was up and cooking, and getting ready to watch the Paddington cartoon. Then I heard knocking, but I wasn't sure because my refrigerator also makes knocking noises.

I look out the peephole to see maintenance there waiting. At first I thought it was some kid trying to sell me something before they went to school. It's chocolate season in the neighborhood. Like 4-5 people have been to my apartment trying to sell me chocolate.

I have to wake up my parents and tell them that maintenance is here. We had called 2 days ago about having problems with our garbage disposal.

The worse part is that they said they would call before they came. Which they didn't. Typical. UGH!
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