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Born Free

Only because I was sourcing my old diary from my junior year for old spirit week ideas for when I help people on yahoo answers. I'm getting older now, and I have a hard time remembering the themes. Here are 2 previous blogs I wrote about homecoming. My junior and freshman years seem to have the most detailed entries about spirit week. I noticed a lot of the same things like from 10th grade like me not knowing how to spell. I mostly complained about all the people in my classes I thought were annoying. Writing about how much I loved the show Are-Oh-Vee. My diary became more "artsy" after I had taken art in 10th grade and felt I was more proficient at drawing I would write an entry and then draw accompanying pictures if I had a hard time expressing myself with words or sometimes I just needed a diagram or something. People used to tell me they got this, but I think they were secretly making fun of me. It was obvious with all the snickering.

I remember a few things: How much I loved those Lovely White and Sky character diaries from Korea. I used to get them from the dollar store. The characters are cute, but the Enrgish was better. I have a diary that quotes the song "Born Free".

There was a notepad that quoted "With a Little Help from my Friends". I don't have that notepad. I saw it in a mall once, and thought it was silly. My aunt used to think I liked the quotes on the diaries because I thought they were inspirational. I just thought they were funny Engrish. I remember her and my cousin used to think it was funny I liked those diaries and those characters.  
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