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I Know Nothing!

This is another angsty Job Club post.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad. (I usually don't write about my bathroom habits. Well cause it's kinda gross) While I was in there making a BM. When all of a sudden the lights went off while I was still using the toilet. I was pissed because I would have to get up, and turn it back on. It was pretty annoying.

I was just daydreaming a lot. I was so BORED! Uber Super Bored! I was just taking random notes. I took like a whole notebook paper full of notes. I wished I was at home so I could be doing the same things they make us do like write resumes. At least if I was at home I could do other things like make crafts and watch tv. I can type sort of. I'm not gloating, but better than most people in there. For some people it took them 4 hours to type up a resume. I was thinking I could try to come up with an idea for a blog that is not about being there, but nothing came to mind. I was drawing emoticons to amuse myself. I came up with an idea for fan art though.

Since nobody got the funding they said we would for "office clothes" everybody was wearing what they usually wear. It's casual Tuesday! I tried to class it up by wearing a polo shirt. It's like what they used to say in school. Collared shirts are fancier than t-shirts.

There was really nothing to do, so I was really just goofing off online. Scouring craigslist and fake applying to places. I was so bored I applied to a local McDonald's because I had nothing better to do. I wanted to apply to more places, but all my good resumes are at home in my hard drive. They told me I should email a resume to myself. They were telling other people to make up job titles and company names.

I think I'm more mild mannered than most people there. I bet a bunch of the people there don't believe I went to the high school I did. Only because I don't look all gangster. I'm an alumni. LOL! They were talking about stuff like how drinking coffee makes you poo. I don't like coffee and don't avoid it because religious beliefs. I don't like the taste. I prefer soda and tea. And those Mountain Dew Kickstart drinks I tell my dad they are "soda". They were also talking about oldies music. I don't know much about that. Except for the music I listened to as a teen is now oldies and some of those old songs are being played on a local oldies station. When an Alanis Morissette song is on an oldies station you start to feel old. But they were talking about the old stuff and Huggy Boy. Too bad I studied up on local sports this time. :( LOL! XD

Even if they do give the same program another name and housed it in another building it is still the same crappy thing. It's lipstick on a pig.

I thought the other song that could me a Job Club was "Blue in the Face" by No Doubt.

Somebody was caught trying to escape. Well it was just hearsay. I didn't actually see it happen. But when the guy came back he looked pissed and guilty. I appreciate their boldness.

So they just want us still to apply to anything and everything. There is a mandatory job fair I have to attend. Except that it is really far and for people with caregiver job experience and a valid state driver's licence. Neither of which I have. That really makes no sense. But I thought I could do it because I rode the bus all that way to meet Shirley Manson willingly. Except there is no rock star to meet there. :(

I ate the $1 Burger King Rodeo Burger. I don't know, but personally I liked it! I liked the simplicity of the burger all it had was a hamburger patty, onion rings and BBQ sauce. I ordered extra onion rings on the side. I just love onion rings. I think the sandwich could have used a little something extra like a pickle or cheese, but not both. It didn't have a nuanced taste like the Jack in the Box Bacon Insider. Which I tried last week and for got to blog about. I sound like Charles from Brooklyn Nine Nine. Sorry no mouth feel ratings.

Then I got a call from the McDonald's I applied to. Like 6 hours later. When I tried to call back to ask a question some slack jawed punk claimed I did not call a McDonald's. So I called back from a different number. Still claimed to have no idea what I was talking about. Like I said before those McDonald's workers are sneaky snakes! Don't trust them EVER! Why do my McDonald's applications/interviews seem to go awry?
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