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"A Heart that Hurts is a Heart that Works" (Hospital part 2)

Then they made me wait more, and then I had to say overnight for observation. The doctor told me that and made me wait for 2 more hours to find out. While I was waiting I hashed out my winter article idea. I don't wanna spoil it, but relates to a song I was listening to. I was gonna write a blog about the song, but I feel so strongly about an article would be better. That idea needs a little more work. My dad was getting annoyed that they made us wait so long. I told him I could help him watch the baseball game because my phone was getting bad reception. I couldn't even get a score. I told him to do something I learned from watching an Arthur cartoon. It was the 2 part episode "Happy Anniversary". Was that we could use our imagination to make up a baseball game in our head. I was explaining him the plot of the cartoon about how Arthur and DW got locked in a storage closet, so DW made up a story to the Bionic/Dark Bunny special where everything will be revealed. Her made up story was that they were twins and one was stolen by a witch and the other by a robot. (The story sounds similar to the one with She-ra and He-Man) Anyway DW's made up story was really the plotline to the special. I made up a really wacky baseball game with lots of beachballs being thrown around, and a crazy streaker. I never told my dad that though. I use my imagination a lot though even when I'm not bored and stuck in a hospital. Sometimes you need to use your imagination a lot because life sucks too much.

When I was moved to the observation area it was really cold there. I was next to a window, and it was drafty. There was a clock behind me, so I knew exactly what time it was. I got there at like 11:30 something PM. I thought "if I was at home I'd be watching Fallon and online playing neopets." I got to listen to all the moaning and some lady complain about missing her leg. Yes, her leg. It sort of reminded me of the Black Noise Machine skit from SNL. Except that was about foot problems. I didn't trust those people and I was a little scared. I was scared because I knew a lot of those people were not all there, and because I had never stayed at a hospital overnight before. I was scared and lonely and I wanted something to cuddle. (like a stuffed animal or something) I tried to make it a little more like I was at home by writing and listening to music. Well as best I could.

My nurse was named Ariel and it was a man. It made me think of the mermaid. Ironically I wore an Ariel shirt to the hospital. I wasn't wearing it at the time. I was in a gown. Then I remembered about another Ariel Sharon. I don't know why I was thinking about that. My mind was wandering I guess...

I was inadvertently causing problems for the nurses, so they moved me to another area. Which was better for me because I was not near those people who were moaning and complaining. I didn't get much sleep because the nurses kept coming every few hours to measure my blood pressure, and they had to fix my leaky IV. I did manage to get a little more sleep in that area even with the tests and stuff.

I got a small breakfast here's what I got to eat; cereal (raisin bran), an apple, berry apple sauce, orange juice and milk. All I ate was the cereal and the apple sauce. Later I drank the juice. I was starving! I was nursing the apple sauce for a few hours. I didn't drink the milk.

I was told I was going be released at 10:30 AM. I waited all day.

While I was near the reception desk I could hear all the gossip. Apparently missing leg lady refused to leave, and the sheriff had to kick her out of the hospital. I also heard a pretty graphic description of somebody's laser eye surgery, and I can't never unhear that.

By about noon I started to lose it. I was so bored! I didn't want to waste my MP3 player battery charge since I didn't bring anything to charge it with me. They put me in an area with no clocks, and I turned off my cell phone to conserve the battery on that too. I didn't bring anything to charge that with either. All I could pretty much do was write, sleep or listen to music. I was trying to catch up on the sleep I lost from the constant blood pressure readings I was having to do all morning. It was hard to sleep there anyway even without the complaining people. The temperature kept fluctuating. First it was too cold and then it was too hot. I was near the kitchen and all the hot air was blowing towards my bed. To keep myself from going insane and wasting my MP3 battery charge I would listen to one song per hour. It sort of helped the time pass.

Sometime after that I got lunch. I didn't think or know I was getting a lunch. I was hoping to go home before that. Here was what I got for lunch; some poultry meat I think it was turkey, but I'm not sure. It was in this weird greenish gravy stuff. Refried beans, string beans, chocolate milk, and apple juice, and 2 poorly heated corn tortillas. I got condiments too; margarine, sugar, salt and pepper. I was so hungry! I wanted protein! The lunch came with a generic get well soon card that I kept. That gravy stuff tasted weird! I was trying to wipe it off the meat. The meat was good by itself. Since the food was not on a divided plate it was all mixing together and tasting funny. The gravy was seeping into my refried beans. I didn't notice the corn tortillas at first, but I was happy when I found them. Since the tortillas were poorly heated they were soggy and crispy at the same time. The crispy part was good because it was like a chip and I could dip it in the beans. The beans were flavorless, but at least they weren't spicy. I would have really wanted some cheese to go along with them. I put some salt on the beans it helped. I drank all the chocolate milk, and I saved the apple juice for later. I didn't touch the green beans. I put all my breakfast trash on the tray too for them to take it away. Nobody came to collect my breakfast trash. I wasn't feeling well enough to eat a whole meal anyway. The lunch reminded me of school lunch; all it needed was some Driftwood milk. That is so regional!

After I ate I called home I made sure to say that I can't keep calling because I have to conserve the battery. I also said that I was told that I was going to be released back at 10:30 AM and it was at least 3 hours later.

I was hoping I would get a get well soon gift. I was hoping for a Monster High wolf doll either Howleen or a Clawdeen doll. I really wanted a Howleen doll. This one.

At about 3PM I was really losing it! The music wasn't helping as much as it was before. But I did come up with a good idea for a Gwen Stefani article I had been kicking around in my head a few days before I got sick. I figured I could write it all out on paper and type it up later when I got home. I wrote a lot! I still haven't typed it up though. Then I heard my parents' voices and they told me I was going to be released soon. Yeah I heard that at 10:30 AM. My mom was telling me she stayed up all night and watched the baseball game. She said it was very good and the Dodgers won.

Just my luck I got released during rush hour! I had to go to the pharmacy. The wait was long, and the pharmacy is congested they said I would have to wait 5 hours for my medicine to be ready. So my family and I just went home and decided to pick it up the next day. As we were leaving there were various street merchants selling stuff in front of the hospital. There was really nothing good. There were some people selling magazines, but most of them were not in English (Spanish language magazines). I was looking for some manga or a comic book in English. It's worse because I was in the city.
Then we were coming back home at rush hour. I was just really really hungry. My dad had bought a sandwich he bought the day before a Subway BMT. Those are what he likes to eat he saved me half of the footlong. I took a couple bites, but I was not in the mood for spicy meats. I don't really like fast food sandwiches, well except for cheese steaks. I should not be having spicy meat. The only sandwich I really liked from Subway was their rib sandwiches, and I haven't had one of those since the early 2000s I think around the time "Return of Saturn" was released. It's been that long. Apparently they don't sell them in my area anymore. I didn't care if my MP3 player died on the ride home due to low battery power. I could recharge it when I got back home. I couldn't believe they let me sing "NYC Summa" on the ride home. They didn't complain or anything.

I have to make some diet changes less salt, more fiber, and less meat which totally sucks! I knew I've had high blood pressure for a while like since about 5 years ago. It was a little while after I met Shirley. I'm pretty sure the culprits are poor diet, not enough exercise, and stress. I would have to say things that made me "calm" like "Serenity Now!" or what Carl said on Family Matters "3-2-1 1-2-3 What the heck is bothering me?" I'm very stressed out this carefree unemployed attitude is all just a facade. I worry about a lot of things even things I should not even be worried about. It's bad.

I guess eating healthy, boring, high fiber foods is my "adult" thing. :(

Next time I get sick I'll go to Tor Eckman. It's ok as long as I don't turn purple.


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