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Neurotic Pizza

I was reading this online article about how to stop being neurotic. It said to just stop thinking about the worse thing that could happen. It's not like you can just tell somebody to stop thinking about something, and they will. Part me of feels like I can't shut off that part of my mind that thinks about those kind of things. I think I need the big guns. Professional help on thinking like this. As I'm walking to the place in the back of my mind I was thinking "What if this ends up like those bad job interviews where they say there is no interview?" People say to look at things and say "What's the worse thing that can happen?" When I think about bad things happening usually the thing I think about happening usually does. It's really strange. It's like a bad psychic ability. I'm not neurotic without reason This situation has happened to me a few times before.

The trip over there wasn't too bad. I had to ride 2 busses to get there. Then I realized I had been walking about once a week for a month. It's not an exercise regimen, but it's an improvement. Funny thing is when I got there the workers tell me that the manager isn't even there. I like to think they are just shitting me because it's happened to me before. You know they are scared and stuff that I might replace them. Usually this happened to me at McDonalds interviews. Not including this interview I'm pretty sure this has happened 3 times and 2 of them were McDonalds locations. So I have given up applying to McDonalds. It reflects poorly on the business and franchise chain as a whole no matter who they are. I'm not gonna name names, but they deal with pizza. So I decide to leave it makes no sense to stay there. As I'm leaving I call my mom and the phone and start telling her the story and complaining about what happened. So then a worker comes back from the place and gets me to come back. When I come in I don't see anybody I hadn't seen before just the same 2 workers from before. Then this lady comes in I recognize her voice from the phone call she made last night to me. I mean the lady told me that the interview isn't even for that restaurant. Huh? She told me the place was "too full". Then why list that location in your ad? Why not write something like "multiple locations" or something like that? Sometimes people who do hiring confuse me so much. >o< Plus that location has really bad yelp reviews. The interview went ok...I guess...?

Job interviews make such interesting blog material. I can't make this stuff up!

Aside from confusing job interviews I got my 1st McRib of the season. I was thinking about McRibs when my dad and I saw an ad for them in Spanish on a layover bus last week. I don't need to know how to read Spanish to recognize a McRib ad. It even had a picture of pig on it.

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