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Pizza Lookin' Cookie

I thought I'd write about their songs sporadically. So people who read this blog won't be annoyed with me constantly making posts about Rockapella songs. I'll just pepper the entries with my thoughts about some of their songs. I think there is one more song of theirs I want to write about. If you want a comprehensive paragraph long review of "Hula Holiday" you can read that here. I got the idea for that article back when I was sick in the hospital in September.

Here are my thoughts on 2 of their other songs from the "Out Cold" album.
"NYC Winter" this song is so sad. It's about a guy who gets shot. Sorry for the spoiler. It's very romantic. It is very 90s sounding. "For the Love" doesn't really seem like a holiday song. It's a great song though. I love the lyrical dissonance. I prefer the stripped down version off the "Primer" album. It has a nice doo-wop sound.

Here is a large cookie I had my mom make me. It's maraschino cherries on top of a scratch dough sugar cookie with almond/cherry favoring in the dough instead of vanilla. It kinda looks like a pizza.

I got some of that Sugar Cookie Crisp cereal. I like it! It tastes like vanilla Cookie Crisp.

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