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Flying Blind on Christmas

I wrote a joke status on facebook, and it got a lot of likes. *rolls eyes* my humor was lost on them. *sighs*

Ok ok, so you wanna see the loot right?

I went to bed late. It was already Christmas morning when I went to bed. So I decided to open that open Shopkins. I got a kettle and carrot cake. Good thing there were 2 in there and I got a dollar off on them! The kettle is named Ma Kettle. LOL! Like the name of the lady from those movies. I got 3 other Shopkins Blind Baskets and no doubles. I didn't want to speak too soon when opening them.

I got a rare glittery broom and lamp. I got some of the same ones Bin and Jon got in their Shopkins video.

Here is a picture of all my Shopkins including the 2 from the season 1 blind basket that I had before.

Well there isn't much. I did get a Cheese Sandwich yay! If I had not that would have been a first world problem. It's way moby! I got my Big Wig figure. I got 3 other blind bags I had bought for myself. I got 2 unicorns.

They were all different ponies, and they are not doubles of the ones I already have.
All my blind bag size ponies.

I can play with the miworld accessories. I wish there would have been more food ones for sale at the Toys R Us. I already mentioned that before. The thing I didn't like about the miworld accessories is that you have to put the stickers on the items. I think I might skip that and just use the accessories as is. It says it has 6 pieces, but the hot dog is 2 parts the bun and the hot dog and the tray is just made of cardboard.

I got my shoe insoles proper foot care in your 30s is very important.

My dad really liked his 10¢ Raiders office supplies. I was going to make him a Raiders themed card to go along with it, but I forgot. I told him he can write his football rankings in there. I didn't notice that the expensive price tags said Kmart on them.

What happened to the Disney Parade? I miss the days when it was just a big commercial to go Florida. I can't remember how many Christmas mornings I would try to convince my parents to take me to Kissimmee, Florida. I still have not been to Florida. I haven't heard of most of the celebrities in it. Tebow and Kobe I've heard of them. Train was there it's funny because I mentioned Train earlier this month in my blog. Why are there so many performances now? Reuniting people? Why can't it be a straight up parade?

My dad is disappointed he could not find the Laker game on tv today. They have been sucking for the past few years. I didn't know the Lakers have played on Christmas day since the 60s.

My mom got a lot of phone calls. I was telling my uncle about my Mister Ed obsession. I didn't know my uncle did a Mister Ed impression. It was so funny!

I had a turkey loaf thing for dinner! They are really making them smaller and smaller. :( I better take my medicine I ate a lot of rich foods.

I was thinking about that stand up routine Seinfeld did on the Tonight Show about clutter. Anybody want me to mail them some of my garbage?

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