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Inspiration Box

I don't think this has ever seen the light of day on the internet.

There is a great story that goes along with project. Back when I was in Art I in high school one of the projects was a special "lunch box" that represented the person or character. For example if you were going to make one for say a plumber it would look like a pipe or something. Since I was so obsessed with Pokemon back then, and annoying everybody including my art teacher by making Pokemon themed art. In my defence I was also making a lot of No Doubt themed art, but I'm not sure if my teacher had noticed it yet. I would would put hidden No Doubt song references in my art work that nobody would catch. Unless they knew the song or I pointed it out to them. Anyway for the lunch box project I was banned from making anything Pokemon themed, so that was a challenge. I had to think of something else, but I didn't want to make a Pokemon themed box. I knew it would just be an old boring Pokeball. I had to think hard about what to make first I was thinking something No Doubt themed, but I couldn't come up with a good idea. So I looked to another anime; Sailor Moon.

It looked like a crescent moon with Usagi's hairstyle on the top.

It was inspired by this toy. I wanted it to be hinged like the toy.

Made of nothing more of manilla file folders and masking tape. It's covered in yellow construction paper.Then it was painstakingly covered in gold glitter.

I couldn't figure out to open it, so for awhile it was just a hollow moon structure. When I took it home to work on it my mom suggested that I cut a door on the side with a razor blade. It buckled in the middle. We cut a slit on the side and one in the door to thread red ribbon through to close the thing. Maybe that's why started to buckle.

The odangos are made of a bunched up paper towel covered in yellow yarn. The method of making these was suggested by my art teacher.

I got really creative in decorating it. I decorated it with stickers, stamps, and construction paper cutouts.

I was going to write on it, but I used cut out letters instead.

Here are some of other lunch boxes the other students made that I remember and what they represented. Somebody made a box that looked like Big Boy from Power 106 (this was back when he was obese), a donut for a cop, a dog house for a dog, a butterfly for Mariah Carey, and barracks for a Japanese Internment camp. (the guy that made that had the same English teacher as me and our classes were reading Farewell to Manzanar)

After my box was showcased and graded I didn't want to throw it out. I was very proud of that piece. I took it home, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it. My mom said it was leaving glitter everywhere, and she said it looked like a pinata. After a while I figured I could store my collection of Sailor Moon manga in it. I wasn't sure if the manga would fit, but it did.

This thing is pretty large its 17 in x 10 in x 5 in.

After I had collected 7 volumes of Tokyo Mew Mew manga I decided to wanted to make another box. Since the theme of the series is food I decided to make a box that looked like a strawberry. I was planning on using foam board to make this one sturdier. I even bought some red poster board to build it. I was gonna put some gold glitter to look like strawberry seeds and everything. Well I never got to making the box. My dad kept wanting to take my foam board to make a "table". There were so many distractions.

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