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Here's to Something else in 2015!

As 2014 comes to a close The new year makes me anxious because I know my birthday will be coming up soon. Actually it goes like this New Years Eve/Day, my dad's birthday, my birthday. I think I'm gonna try to ease into 31. I'm not fretting or anything. I'm gonna be chill about this real chill. All I seem to be remembering was all the bad stuff that happened this year. Let's see...Job Club aka Hell, my dad crashing the car, my cousin getting sick and going to the hospital, me getting sick and going to the hospital, and other stuff that is too personal to even mention in this blog.

Now I don't go making resolutions for the new year. I don't usually keep them anyway. So I'm giving myself a nice broad open ended statement. "Be Brave!" It could be interpreted in many ways. It's like a writing prompt. My last one was "complain less". Not that I actually went through with that.
It means a lot to me sure I don't do all the "brave" things that would be considered to other people like saving a person from a burning building or anything like that. My brave thing to me would be something like having a conversation with a stranger. That is very scary to me!
The Cowardly Lion has nothin' on me. Actually I think I'd be part Scarecrow and part Lion.

Ok so I had a meeting with my social worker today. A meeting on new years eve? Really? When I was in the waiting area there was this guy talking to me. See? I'm talking to a stranger already. It's usually cool with them they understand all the stupid and ineffective things they make you do that does not get you a job. The guy felt the same way. Well besides the fact he would rather be doing drugs than going to job club. I wouldn't do that I'm clean. When I get in there I keep thinking "Please don't be job club!" in my head repeatedly. When she told me I was mildly surprised, but still pissed off. Thanks for ruining my new year social worker! When she told me I started to see colors and crazy looking Kawaii demons or ghost type things. Ugh! *runs in circles screams and cries* Well I guess it's back to applying like crazy to everything. It's a good thing I didn't throw out the paperwork from the last time. Maybe I can use some of the same stuff I used last time. I'm really hoping so bad I can get back into college. If I don't I might just break down and cry the hard emotional stuff like bawling. It's things like this that make you want to just lie there on the floor after life seems to have knocked you down.

Those annoying government cell phone people were there, and all I really wanted to know if they would give me a free smartphone. I don't want a free phone if it is the same junk I already have. That's crazy! So he was trying to say they weren't, but in a roundabout way. Bad move cellphone signer upper guy! You just failed in sales! XD
Seriously there were 3 of them there ready to pounce and gang up on people. I think I'll go exit through the parking lot.

Oh yeah and Gwen Stefani is on the New Years eve show with Carson Daly! So I gotta watch that! I think she will sing "Spark the Fire".

I really have big plans this year and hopefully I can fulfill them to some degree.

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