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Beefy Backpack

I used to think the one of the few things I was good at was being a student. I guess since I have been in college for all these years I just got good at it. I'm still shocked this plan is actually working out with me going back to college.

This is what I'm supposed to do. Go to the supermarket and buy a sandwich at the deli and then go back to the bus stop and wait for the bus to ride to school. I missed the bus I was supposed to get on because I was goofing off at a store looking for stuff for my secret hobby. Bad start #1.

I was late so I thought I could slink into class. I was 15 minutes late. I had a hard time finding the building. Why do they have three buildings with the same number and a different letter? They are named like 55-a, 55-b, and 55-d. Why there is not a "c" building? I don't know. Bad start #2.

I just wanted to know that she didn't drop me. She wanted me to introduce myself. Fine I'll take it. All she wanted to know was my name and my major. I think she teaches some classes related to my major. I'm not sure how I feel about her yet. I came into class late for a multitude of reasons. I didn't want to talk about my secret hobby and seem all weird already. I might never bring it up in that class. It depends on the situation.

Being in that class I don't know made me feel so old. I can't get by on my youthful looks forever. I bet those crow's feet are showing. I was also a little embarrassed because my backpack smelled like beef from the sandwich I had in there.

So we have to read the first chapter of the book by the next class on Thursday, and quiz either Thursday or next Tuesday. I don't have the book yet. I'm gonna see if I can wing it by watching an old episode of "World". I think there was a message or email from the professor I was supposed to read, but I forgot. I haven't been in school for 5 years so sometimes I forget how things work now. The school has a knockoff gmail system.

She was complaining about people who keep looking at their cell phones during class, and try to be sneaky about it. So she asked where to people put them to be sneaky. I said their laps. I know they do that. I've seen them. I've also seen people do that with portable gaming systems. It especially looks weird when girls do that and they are wearing mini skirts or short shorts. She also said not to use your phone constantly while you have your purse/backpack on the desk. One girl told a story about some guy who was watching World Cup Soccer in his phone through his sleeve, but he got caught by the teacher. He needed
this item. Or it might have still looked strange. Maybe there will be people in there trying to watch college basketball in there next month. That is not a problem for me because my phone is not that sophisticated. She said you are not allowed to bring computers or tablets if you are just going to play with them and not take notes. Again doesn't apply to me anyway. After I thought about it I wondered if she'd bust you for doodling or such things on paper. I'm just an old school style note taker. I can scribble things down a whole lot faster than I can type them.

I'm upset because I forgot to ask if we have to write a term paper. Well I can always ask next class.

She said the notes she puts up online are not the same as the book; there has to be some overlapping. At least I hope there is.

So I bought myself a book. I bought it online while wearing my pajamas I didn't even have to go out the book store or leave my apartment.

I finally finished something I was working on for months (writing) and now I'm satisfied with it. I think I was being a perfectionist and overthinking what I was writing.
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