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New Backpack Smell

So I finally got a new backpack. I was at the Target yesterday and I saw they got more of those Hello Kitty backpacks in stock. I wanted to buy one then, but I did not want to go around the school with 2 backpacks. I like the way it smells. *sniffs* New backpack smell! It smells like back to school! Now that it smells nice and new I don't want to put smelly beef sandwiches I buy at the supermarket deli in it. It is very pretty and shiny. Hello Kitty has a metallic bow on the backpack.

I've been playing Candy Crush Soda and I was stuck on level 19 for a few days now as of writing I'm on level 21. I know I said I would never touch another Candy Crush game again. After I got frustrated with level 102 on the original game. Once I get too frustrated with Soda I'll try to quit. I'm not exhibiting symptoms like withdrawals or seeing things as candy like I did before.

I actually studied today. I cracked open that poli sci book. I took some notes. I'm gonna need to study after that quiz. While I was studying I was thinking about yesterday when we were talking about amendments to the Constitution, and somebody thought the legal drinking age was in there. This person knew there was something in the Constitution "about alcohol". We were trying to think of controversial amendments. Off the top of my head they would be slavery, women's right to vote, prohibition, and the voting age changed. I should know about the voting age changed I wrote a report about that amendment for my senior year of high school. I think Poli Sci would be more fun if it was presented by a wacky detective.
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