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Singing in my Sleep

This is the 2nd time I've written about a Semisonic song this week! ;P

I can't get any sleep! That lady is playing her music at 2AM again! >.< I was trying to listen to something else to drowned out her music. Then that loud guy was singing and complaining about his leg at about 3AM. He sang a made up song about his leg and some other things. I'm just so tempted to stick my head out the window and yell at him to stop. I was also tempted to start singing "Ride on Time". I was in a "To N.Y." kind of mood. I really just want to get an air horn and blow it whenever he sings early in the morning. It's like I'm living in a cartoon! >.< But it's not funny or involve a singing cat.

I found an episode of "World" to watch. Thanks to
i-heart-rocka's upload alert. I really should be watching a film about Civil Rights for my Poli Sci class. The teacher said we have to watch it on our own time. Especially since I spent some time yesterday watching Winx Club and Sailor Moon. I didn't realize the film she told us to watch is really long and would have taken me about the same time I spent watching those animated series. Well I'll figure something out. Maybe I can watch the film in parts or something.

I was supposed to be taking notes. My teacher downloaded 60 Power Point slides for us to take notes on. I'd print them, but I don't want to waste printer ink. It was going along nicely until my mom saw me watching the music video for "Singing in my Sleep" which has nothing to do with my class. When she pointed it out I couldn't stop laughing. She had seen me watching "World" before that. Maybe because it's educational? I forgot how much I liked that music video.

UTB is showing the
second series of The Gutsy Frog. It's going to be hard to get used to the new voices. Kyoko has a deep voice in the 1980s series. Those will run for about 4 months.
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