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I Won't "Jerk Store" the teacher

I was thinking about George Costanza before class because I really want to "Jerk Store" someone, but I'm not sure. (Not at school)

I think the people in class are getting really close to each other and making friends. It's not that I'm trying to ignore the people before class. I just like to sit and write and contemplate about life while listening to music. A total INFP trait!

I let the whole class know about my love of ribs. Well I mentioned my love of cheese steak sandwiches before. Meaty!

So this is how the impromptu speeches work. You get some kind of quote and then you have a few minutes to prepare a speech. I'll need to scour my pinterest quotes board again. I might have to pull out the secret hobby card, but that is only under special circumstances.
Too bad nobody got District 13. I think he divided them up into groups of 5 or 6. I'm not gonna lie I read up about the Hunger Games yesterday. But not to be a brown noser. I just wanted to get some of the references.I wanted to make a reference to the episode "The Serenity Now" about when Kramer destroys all the computers George and his dad were selling in the garage. My group used Frozen instead. Then I was talking to the teacher about Seinfeld. He guessed my favorite character is George. I guessed his favorite character was Kramer. He said it was Diane the woman on the show. I was thinking "Who's Diane? Did he get the show confused with Cheers?" There are only 4 main characters in the show. I had mentioned George and Kramer. It took me a while to think of Elaine.

He showed us a video of him singing "Love is an open door" from Frozen. Well he tempted us and we asked to see it. I even asked the name of the youtube channel. XD If you want to see it sorry, I'm not posting the video.

There is an assignment to write about tv show themes. I'm totally gonna write about World! Does anybody in my class remember it or they too young? Perhaps the teacher? I wonder how old he is? He said he was teaching since the early 90s. So he is not close to my age. In the early 90s I was playing with my Little Mermaid doll, collecting Lisa Frank pencils, and in elementary school. The early grades.

The other shows I thought about was Seinfeld, Sailor Moon, and WWE wresting.

More show ideas came to me on the bus ride home and even more when I got home. I want to ask if I can list more tv shows!  So I watched an episode for "research" and gave me a good excuse to watch it! ^-^
I cheated and used tv tropes to get more ideas.
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