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Tacos X 3

I saw that Boosting the belt/Radiation Ripoff has made its way to youtube. I think it was the first episode of World I ever saw. My World fandom as a child is kinda fuzzy. I didn't keep a diary back then. That was when I hated writing. I didn't enjoy writing until I was in like 7th grade.

I remember telling my mom that I liked it because it was funny and that episode has a Van Halen joke in it.

Along with "My Cup Runneth Away" and "The Great Train Slobbery" are my favorite season 2 episodes from childhood, but I mentioned that before. Season 2 is my favorite season. I hope "The Great Train Slobbery" will resurface on youtube.

Besides me being nostalgic for one of my favorite episodes of World ever! ^-^
I needed to work on my speech to get ideas. I seriously thought watching this episode would help. The only thing it seemed to do was make me nostalgic.

I keep trying to figure out why my group thinks I'm a good speaker. I think I know what it is. They like my rambling. It's that excited rambling I do when I meet a celebrity or I get flustered. Now if I spoke more clearly I could be a
John Moschitta Jr. I also think they like that I'm a native speaker of English even though I speak it pretty poorly for a native speaker. I was looking at those papers they give you at school to tell you all the classes you need to take to transfer/graduate. I asked the teacher about some communications class I've never heard of before. He said they don't really update those papers and they just print a new year on them. That class is old and not offered anymore.I think I should stop making fun of my age to the teacher.Too bad I didn't get to test out to compete. When we were competing for it I blanked out! I was hoping to get a quote about my secret hobby. Why not? So I'm stuck competing with the others on Wednesday. Only 2 out of the 4 people who were lucky enough got out.
Now I want a fire dress, and ride into class on a chariot. And didn't Capital get bombed in the end? I still don't know much about the Hunger Games besides seeing the honest movie trailer and reading about the book series on the wikipedia.

I was so hungry because I ate a light breakfast in case I had to speak and I didn't pack much food. After school I went to buy a taco, and I had a taco for dinner yesterday, and tomorrow I'm going to get a free taco.

I still have to figure out what to do tomorrow to make it look like I went to school. I have to be gone for at least 3 hours. I think I can get a lot of errands done.

I watched that Letterman special and it made me miss the 90s. It made me also miss the early 2000s when he was funny. When did he become unfunny and wacked out!?
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