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The Great Pretender

Well I did mange to get the free Biscuit Taco at Taco Bell. It was ok. It tasted like it had fake eggs in it. The biscuit part seemed off to me. I can't put my finger on it though. I want them to make a pancake taco. I never got the chance to eat the waffle taco. But after eating that taco I think I'll stick to biscuit breakfast sandwiches. (sorry no pictures)

Here is the receipt I got yesterday advertising the promotion. Love the taco ASCII art!

I got some errands done. I mailed my packages of things I sold online.

I discovered an Italian deli and a corner market near the library. The corner market is pretty unimpressive except they sell kawaii stationary and jerky slabs. They used to sell jerky slabs at my school, but stopped and took the case away to make room to sell more drinks. My sweatshirt smells like jerky because I put the jerky in the pockets to sneak it into the library I didn't want to sink up my backpack with jerky smell yet.

I did make it to the library and found that book about my secret hobby. It was the only book in the local area that I could get to by bus. It's a good thing I read the book in the library because I don't think I would buy it. I saved myself a lot of money. Really this book was written before the internet exploded and a lot of that info is online or outdated in this digital era. I think I might go back another time and read it again.

The only problem is I gotta keep this charade up for a month.
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