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Good Morning to You!

I had this strange dream about Blair Warldrof from Gossip Girl. But I can't remember the details.

When I got off the bus at school I saw somebody with a 2-tone patch you hardly ever see those anymore. It had the skaning guy and the girl. Seeing the 2-tone girl is even rarer. You usually just see the 2-tone guy.

Since I was feeling "genki" again I decided to greet my teacher in Japanese. I said "Good morning teacher!".

It's a good thing I asked about when the test is because it's tomorrow! @o@ I haven't read the chapters yet! Once all my shows end for the season I will have a lot more time on my hands. He said we would nostalgically look back at our last speech because we didn't have to devote so much time to research.

I was bored and trying to clean my high lighter so I doodled an old timey cartoon dog, a Chibi Moon looking girl and a derpy pony.

When the teacher was walking by checking our work I covered up the doodles with my folder.

I asked him about that music mix he said it was dance mixes of 80s cover songs. I asked him that when nobody else was around. I really don't want to look like a teacher's pet. I'm shy, but sneaky.

While I was pretending to go to Poli Sci I went back to that corner market and picked up that Pink Hana folder. I checked them all for the best one I could find. Isn't it cute? It photographed poorly because of the blue background. I took the picture of it on my speech book which is also blue and I think I used too much flash for the front of the folder. The folder is translucent. I like
Pink Hana she was popular like 10 years ago. Too bad this folder didn't have a copyright date on it.

Look it has engrish!

It says "Hi , dear buddies! I'm Pink Hana!
I love friends very much."

Nothing like jerky slabs and kawaii stationery! I paid $1.39 for this, but I don't mind. Maybe next time I'll try the regular jerky instead of the teriyaki flavored one. Or buy 1 of each the other jerky flavor there is peppered. I don't eat peppered or spicy jerky.

I went to the library, and I was gonna read that book about my secret hobby again, but I decided to do research on my speech instead. It's better for me to be more focused. That assignment is a large portion of my grade anyway. While I was heard the song "
Pumpin Blood" on my MP3 player. I wasn't sure if I wanted vegitable juice or shampoo. I can work on my secret hobby later. Even in the summer. I really want and need to pass my speech class. Especially after what happened in Poli Sci.

And if I can get one more required general ed class out of the way the better.

On the ride back home I was listening to "Right Between the Eyes". I forgot what a great Garbage song that is. When I was walking home I heard "Run Baby Run" I would have run home while listening to the song, but my feet hurt. I wrote about that song so much when I went back to school the last time.
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