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The Negaverse took my Bus

I've been having strange dreams again. I think I'm a little stressed out from speech class.

The morning started off badly. My mom chased me out and when I got to the bus stop I missed the bus that was a little earlier than the one I usually take. I should have seen this as a sign. The bus was over 15 minutes late. The bus I ride runs every 30 minutes. I catch the bus that comes at 9:15. I call the bus company they tell me they don't know when the bus is coming and they can't even find the bus. So the first thing I think of is Sailor Moon. You'd think that with all those people waiting at the bus stop with smart phones they would be the ones to check the bus schedule and if it was on time or not. I know I would if I had a smart phone. Then I thought could I get away with telling my teacher an excuse that I was on a bus that got over taken by some evil aliens (the Negaverse) and that I was rescued by a group of teenage girls and a talking cat. It sounds improbable and impossible. Who would believe it? Really!?

I did manage to make it to class on time with about 10 minutes to spare. I got a choice speaking spot. I got to pick 10th. Lucky number 10.

Before class I was listening to some Selecter to get in the mood.

We were talking about vocal music somebody said they saw Pitch Perfect 2. The teacher says he likes that kind of music and goes to see the collegiate competitions. I said about vocal music making a comeback. I said I listen to the old stuff that could mean anything, but I was hinting at Rockapella. I didn't mention them by name. Then it made me wonder if he likes the song "Indiana".

Speaking in class makes me all fidgety. I was felling really tense again and wanted to stretch. So when he makes us chant and enunciate I like to stretch in a sneaky way and sway a little. He was saying about speaking and evoking emotion. I was just smiling. I think a lot of the time I just have a goofy look on my face without even knowing it. I was smiling because I was thinking about ska music.

When I get up there to speak I'm like Sleepy Lagoon from the Yankee Doodle Daffy cartoon. All I need is the giant lollipop. I can't believe that when I read the beginning of my speech when I asked about the ska song quite a few people knew it. Strange... :/ He said I speak like a Californian. That's my home state born and raised. That sounds like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Spray paint deodorant. LOL! XD

I said  that I should give my speech in a ska outfit with creepers and a porkpie hat. I told him about my
impulse buy creepers that I bought when I turned 30. I said about putting padded insoles in my creepers. He asked if I have been to any ska shows. I have been, but it was a 3rd wave show way back in 2000. I asked him to guess my age. He knew I was over 30 since I said about impulse buying creepers at 30. I said I'm 31 which is true. He told me "Welcome to old age" he said it in such a nonchalant manner. It was funny, but you had to be there.

I was thinking if I fail speech I would have wasted a semester. Well if I get a bad grade I will take his class again, but I will not purposely fail. I like my teacher, but not enough to purposely fail.
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