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British Meatball Head

I'm still trying to come up with a gift for my teacher. A lot of the ideas I found online were for little kids and said things like "Thanks for teaching me how to read". I know how to read and have for many years now. Or the gifts were for lady teachers and were things like nail polish and bath salts. After I really thought about it he told me he eats Junior Mints, so I will get him some Junior Mints. Too bad all the teacher card printables have horribly bad puns on them.

I got to school like an hour early because of the buses not being on time all last week, so I have been trying to ride an earlier bus.

So he wanted to know what is something you like that other people hate. I admitted to the class I like the Sailor Moon Dic dub. For shame! I ought to be punished in the name of the Moon! The teacher said he knows about that. I'm not sure. Does he? I should ask him some Sailor Moon questions. Other people in the class said that it makes them nostalgic. I bet they didn't watch it when they were in junior high. The class doesn't know who they are dealing with. Too bad my Sailor Moon shirts are too small now. I had brought my Sailor Moon scout guide for the Hunger Games speech to get ideas.

We got divided into groups. Since this is Game of Thrones themed we had to name our group House of (put name here).They wanted to name the group Gandhi I really didn't care. I really wanted a Terminator themed name. Another suggestion I had was "House of Pain" like the rap group, I think that reference was outdated and lost on them. When they said that all I could think of was the Seinfeld episode about
the goiter and the UHF parody movie Gandhi II. My mind was wandering a lot. Some other group named their House of the Shining Stars. It sounds like something Stella from the Winx Club would say.

We had to sell an item picked at random. I did this activity a few times in my
sales class. My group got those Harry Potter jelly beans. I was upset because I know nothing about Harry Potter at all. I never read the books or seen any of the movies. This is my thought Harry Potter = British. I told the other people in the group I could talk with a British accent. The old uptight and more self conscious me would have not volunteered that info. Somebody said something about Brown University. I don't know much about it except that Rockapella was founded there with Sean Altman and Elliott Kerman. I don't even know what state it is in. Shows how much I know about geography. >.<
When the teacher asks we say I'm going to talk with a British accent then he talks to me in a British accent and I mistakenly answer back with a Scandinavian one. @o@
My mind was wandering again and I was thinking about the Seinfeld episode "
The Tape". When Jerry and Kramer compare their British accents.

When we did the presentation skit. The teacher said to make it like an infomercial and played cheesy infomercial music. He kept playing different music cues to go along with our skits. Which made it even funnier.

We didn't really get to choose the topics the teacher picked them out for us. D'oh! And I did all that research all weekend about debating about my secret hobby. :'(

After class the teacher and were talking to each other with fake accents. I didn't say I speak "Valley" because I speak that when I get flustered. And I apologized about bothering him on Thursday.

When I went to the store I was upset because there were no beef sandwiches. So I had to get a turkey one instead and I was mad. I had a silly thought. What if my teacher appreciation gift was a random deli sandwich from the Walmart? I think he would not be too appreciative of that gift.

I won tickets to Knott's Berry Farm from the radio station! Yay!

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