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Pilfered from Frasier

He asked what we had for breakfast. I like to start my morning off with a good breakfast and an episode of Mister Ed. That sounds like a bad commercial for some type of breakfast food. Perhaps Mister Ed brand breakfast food for people?

He said to take a look around at the friends you made in the class and said you will never see these people again. I laugh at it because it's true. I guess I've been in college for too long! A lot of the time I think I look like I have a confused look on my face. Like I'm sitting there with my mouth gaping open or something. Whatever happened to all those writing class BFFs? :/ Come to think of it I did take one class with a lot of the same people from another class. It was a math class. It was a progression of class levels. I had a lot of those people in my pre-algebra class and then many of them were in my algebra class the next semester.

The assignment was to write an award acceptance speech then the person who won the award dies. The death is told through a news brief. There was an award for most creative death. Then another person gives the eulogy speech. Actually it makes more sense in context. My story was that the person died at a fitness award ceremony by slipping on a smuggled in BLT sandwich while returning to their seat after receiving the award. And Dr. Julius Erving was there and couldn't help to revive the injured person. (yes, I told a really outdated basketball joke) That was pretty much stolen from a Frasier episode: "
The Ann Who Came to Dinner". I just changed the type of sandwich. In the Frasier episode the sandwich had quail meat in it. I even hammed it up, and tried to deliver it in more a Weekend Update style.

After class I was talking to myself again by accident the funny/strange thing was that one of my classmates noticed me. I was really embarrassed, but tried to play it cool. But I think I wasn't. X.X @o@ Which made me think why is talking to yourself a bad thing? I mean not like in the crazy way. So is all talking to yourself seen as "bad" or "crazy"?

I went to see my professor during his office hours. Which is something I haven't to for any professor for a long time. When I gave him the present of the Junior Mints I think I might have gotten a little shifty eyed. I just hoped the candy wasn't melted. It was in my backpack for a while. Like I said before the printables I found online were for teachers who taught little kids. I even put cute cartoon pictures on the candy box. He said he liked it, so I was relived. I can end up being a neurotic perfectionist sometimes. I would have given him a present related to my secret hobby, but it's fine.

He said I would enjoy the games we will play on Monday. He said the games are based off The Price is Right, Millionaire, Match Game and Family Feud. I asked what his favorite pricing games. I thought he would go with something obscure. He said his favorite games are Cliffhangers and Shell game. I don't know how long he's been watching Price, but he was not familiar with the retired game of Superball! According to
The Price is Right wiki it was retired in 1998. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't mention Janice, Holly, Dian, and Catherine. I wonder if he saw the April Fool's episode with Bob hosting for one game. I was telling him about Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? It's really hard to explain that show to somebody who has never seen it before. Especially since he was not in the target demographic when it aired.

When I asked if he likes Madness and Fishbone he was singing "Our House" with a British accent. He said he doesn't like Fishbone and they are a newer band. I don't know they are both old bands to me. I'm much younger than him! XD

Why not utilize his help I'm there anyway and wanting to "hang out" would be weird and overstepping boundaries. He helped me write my speech outline.

When I left I think I might have been pestering him again. X0X

After I thought about it I haven't watched Match Game in years. Maybe I can find the Burger version. I used to watch that version when I was in high school. A lot of the times the celebrity panelists would write sexual answers. But that was why you watched the show.

When I went to the mall to reload my bus card I realized I should have done this tomorrow. I spent too much goofing off at the professor's office. I think I stayed there 25 minutes too long. (I was there for about 30) I didn't realize how long it takes to go to the mall by bus. I was so hungry I went to the McDonald's at the food court and scarfed down a McDouble before getting on a bus headed home. Which I pretty much rode the whole route. I came home really late and my mom was worried.

That 500 Questions show is over and I'm still confused about the rules of that show. :/

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