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Ideally I would have wanted to do this after I finished up speech class that I would try and spend the summer looking for more hobbyists that indulge in my secret hobby. Which is pretty hard to do anyway since I don't have a car.

Maybe I should just buy myself a copy of "Vocobeat" and call it a semester.  I have to get all my paper work in order to go back for the fall semester. Here's hopin' *fingers crossed*

My mom wants me to focus on my online sales. To get rid of more stuff that is taking up space in the apartment and in my storage space.

Of course she would welcome me getting a job anytime. I think? Maybe I should start searching next week after my speech final. My school year ended so late I don't even know if anything is available to somebody like me (a person who hasn't finished college)

So I had to take care of something at my storage space again. The more and more I have to go there the more and more I hate that place. I can't wait until my contract is up. I went back to that
fast food restaurant to give it another chance and well I'm done with that place! >.<

It was funny when this guy on a bike was giving somebody the finger and I thought that was an unseen obscene gesture. I like the way that sounds.

I started bushing up on some old 1998 Match Game by watching it online. Oh yeah and I looked through the notes I took on the book.

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