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Quit Playing Games

So our teacher told us there would be no class on Thursday! Free day! ^0^
Too bad I gotta pretend to go to Poli Sci. :( You know if I would have been honest with them I could avoid things like this. But that meant there were only 2 days to perform the speeches instead of the 3 potential days. And I got the first day XoX @.@

I'm game show genre savvy. But I didn't want the teacher or my group to know unless it counts. I grew up on game shows, so I know how a lot of them work. He had little music cues to go along with each game. That was a nice touch and it wasn't too loud this time. I thought I was pretty prepared because I spent the weekend studying and watching the 1998 version of Match Game. I was even studying before class.

The first game we played was Who Wants to be a Millionaire? but the questions were short answer format. It was nothing like the show except we could use phone a friend to pretend call somebody else in the class.

When we played The Price is Right game Clock Game, but the teacher called it Range Game, and did not even tell the 37 hours joke. That is so Bob Barker! XD I told my group that I would go up. Because I can count really really fast. Well when I got up there to play the game I counted so fast the teacher could not count it. Then I realized I've watched way too much Clock Game.

Hardly anybody knew what Match Game was. The teacher explained it to the people who didn't know what it is/was, how to play, and about the raunchy answers. I told my group I had spent the weekend watching a few episodes of the 1998 version. I had to play the role of the contestant. The rest of my group was the celebrity panel. We did so, so.

Then we moved onto Family Feud apparently most people didn't know the rules of this game either. Which is strange because this is on the air currently with Steve Harvey as the host. Well I had to ask because there are different versions of it with slightly different rules. I started watching during the Combs era. I was really getting into it, but lost for my team/family. :(

The last game we played was Jeopardy we had to list 10 things. It was like the final round and he played the think music.
The only reason I remembered it was because we had a strange assignment to go along with it. It was when I recited the
Bad Religion song.

We ended up breaking the tie with rock, paper, scissors. Surprisingly I won! I used to suck at that game so badly as a child. Too bad we didn't do a tie breaker like they did on World.

The prizes were given in a Let's Make a Deal format. The zonk prize was an eraser and I picked up on that, but the rest of my group didn't. They wanted to gamble. I should have been genre savvy with the prize.

I spent a large chunk of the evening writing my speech. I had some idea what I was going to write about and the websites to use and stuff like that. It took a long time just to put it together. Since it took a long time I didn't have time to practice.

Ironically since the Buzzr channel launched too. I was so tempted to watch it. I was supposed to practice my speech after watching my J-drama. I never did because I fell asleep watching an old episode of Match Game.
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