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Caffeine and Candy

I made sure to eat a light breakfast and to get there early. It seems that the bus is a bit more crowded. Perhaps these people are students making their last ditch effort to pass. I packed light to take my shoes. I was watching an old episode of Family Feud  (Dawson era) before I went to school.

I was talking to somebody else from the class and they said they didn't like the teacher when they first met him. We were reminiscing about all the absurd assignments we had when we first started the class.

I had to give my speech today. I was trying hard trying to write my note cards before class. I desperately needed my notes. I had a lot of time to do it. Right before class I felt really sick. I haven't felt like that before giving my 3 previous speeches.

I told the teacher about the Game of Thrones the Musical skit. When I mentioned this I think he was really getting into the
Games of Thrones the Musical skit from Red Nose day. I was telling him about the Nick Offerman skit too. I was trying to explain what it was. I could hear him watching it on the class computer. I noticed the teacher and I had matching outfits again! >.<
Really we were both wearing slacks and a polo shirt. Our shirts were different colors. And I give my dress up speeches in really girly looking flats.

I had a great opening I quoted from a comedy blog. My subject was beauty pageants for children. It was a debate format, and I was against it. I was arguing about the use of "pageant crack" which is Pixy Stix candy and caffeinated drinks that are given to the small children to keep up their energy. The speech I gave the last one before he gave us a break. The teacher said during the break we could go get our "pageant crack". Or something like that. I didn't practice, but I felt I did well. Too bad my argument couldn't have been "Pop! Pop!" like Magnitude from Community.

The teacher asked if I had mints I wish I did I forgot to buy some yesterday. :( But when he asked I had just stuffed an Oreo in my mouth. I gave somebody an Oreo from my Lunchable. My dad is already buying Oreos anyway. When I asked about my grade, and what I thought it was he said "Don't influence me!" and covered up what he was writing.

I was not going to write something
like this to him. It's for little kids. I don't think he would like a crude chibi drawing of himself. I think his hairstyle would be hard to draw anyway. I'd be lazy and draw him with closed eyes and wearing a hat or something. ;P His face would look like this ^-^
I don't do teacher drawings anymore. I haven't since '95. Wow that has been a while!
After my teacher told me I was a horrible artist back in '95. It took me a while to recover from that.

It made me think about my memoir class where I had to write something and
couldn't/didn't, and speech where I want to write something.

At night I realized that I could decorate the note all pretty. So I did, but I did not make it too girly looking. But it did look like it was decorated by somebody of junior high age like 13; a tween.
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