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Old Music for Old People

I had a bad morning. I got sick. My breakfast had a foreign object in it. >:P It was store bought.

My mom told me to get my speech teacher a gift and I was thinking "I'm already ahead of you. I gave it to him on

I had a lot of time to burn before class. I was just there thinking. I didn't want to write in case it rained. His previous class let out early. I was just in there writing.

I met another Sailor Moon fan in the class when I mentioned how much I like the
Sailor Moon dub. They like Pluto. I was telling them about all the different merchandise I acquired during the mid 90s through the early 2000s. I'm pretty sure I'm older than this person. I was also talking about watching Sailor Moon Crystal.

He asked what is our jam. Which I was kinda waiting for because I was waiting for a musical question. All the half semester.
After I thought about it that was question I got asked on the first day of my communications class at the university in 2003. I remember my answer was "Hella Good" by No Doubt. I was listening to "Rock Steady" by No Doubt a lot back then. But quite a few people didn't know the song back then, but the teacher did. Somebody in that class from 03 said they liked the song "Eye of the Tiger". Some of the things people mentioned were songs and music genres that would not have pegged them for liking. I mentioned 2-tone ska of course. The teacher knows what that is anyway since he listens to it too. I went back and dusted off my old ska CDs and MP3 files because of him. I also mentioned Rockapella, but nobody in the class knew who they are. I was thinking "They are not the house group from your favorite geography based game show from your childhood." I'm not gonna school people on them. Once they hear them they will know because they are that good. I just figured nobody else in there fit the demographic.

Somebody said I could have a red Starburst because they don't like those. I love red Starbursts and so does CM Punk. I said I have a lot of candy in my backpack. I had a Twix bar, but I said it was for a "candy lineup". That joke was lost on them.

Somebody made a jab at how old the teacher is in their speech. (not me) I thought it was funny.

I had the courage to eat a Lunchable. Which I shouldn't be because of my high blood pressure. But that is not the courageous part it's because they are considered childish. I used to eat them at college in secret. Now I don't care I gotta eat. The comments people were saying weren't even bad ones they asked what kind it was and that they like eating them. I needed to eat after that unappetizing breakfast.

The teacher was telling us that the school has a turf team. Who manages the turf. He said they have cute baby goats to bottle feed. As much as I do love baby animals. I know being an agriculture major is not for me. I was telling him about how much I like the visual arts, and about that I wanted to go to fashion school when I was younger.

When I got my speech grade my score was almost the same as my last speech, but my outline was better. I was happy with my grade. ^-^

I was waiting for another person to leave because I wanted to talk with the teacher privately. The other person would not leave! I was all ready too. I had the envelope in hand.

He was singing "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest while J-walking which I thought was funny and made me think of The Simpsons. Well if he would have gotten a ticket all 3 of us would have. There were 3 of us walking including him. I asked if he was going to sing "School's Out" on the last day of class.

I told him the story about the
club meeting and how I ended up meeting him about a month later. Back when I thought I still had a chance of passing Poli Sci. After I figured that out it seemed like destiny or something. It was really strange. I'm strange to believe in such things.

As all 3 of us were walking to his office I was still trying to hide what I had. I didn't want my sweaty hand to smear the envelope or for either of them to see it and what was written on it.

I was trying to explain what I had for him that I had written him a note, but it took me awhile to write it. I didn't want him to think I was a slacker and wrote it when I was supposed to be working on my speech outline. It was supposed to go with the candy. I had been writing it off and on for 2 weeks. It had to be just so. (That is the perfectionist in me. The neurotic perfectionist.) Plus I needed time to decorate it. I asked for a hug, and he gave me a half hug. Whateves! I'll take it! ^-^ *blushes* I didn't want to dawdle and waste his time. Plus I had something I had to do before I tried to catch my bus. So now I don't see him until the final. After I left I thought about it and it really was like Sue and Tim Tom from the Middle. I feel on some level he understands. Or perhaps I'm too much in my head about this I can be so INFP sometimes! >o<

I would be really funny if he wrote a note back to me that said "You are (my name)." Like from The Simpsons episode "
Lisa's Substitute".

Which was funny because the Arthur cartoon I watched was about a beauty pageant. XD

I thought I should try my hand at writing the "thank you teacher" worksheet about my speech teacher.
Thank you for being a great teacher by me
My favorite thing about my teacher is that he is fun and dorky
My teacher always says Unique New York
My teacher likes it when I make outdated references to things from the 80s and 90s
My favorite memory is when we played game show games to review
What I'm going to miss most is his wacky personality
I'm not going to include a crude drawing I made of him. That would be disrespectful. u.u

So I recalculated my grade and it's at a "B" not counting the final. ^-^
Let's hope I can keep it up.
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