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Buzzed Words

I would not have minded walking there if it was cooler, but it's the beginning of summer. I was trying to appear as fresh as I could by walking there.

When I saw a bunch of people mulling around. I knew it was going to be a group interview. I was upset. I was freaking out! I thought "Oh no! Am I going to have to yell over people like at the 2 Chipotle interviews I went to?! Job interviews are geared towards extroverts." I usually bomb interviews in that format not say I don't bomb on one-on-one interviews either. One of the workers invited the group of us gathered around the door waiting for the interview. She pointed to a stack of cups on the table. She pointed to the soda fountain, and said we could have a drink.
I was pretty thirsty. Since I had walked there.
I stood there thinking really hard about what I wanted to drink. At first I wanted some Coke. To have some caffeine to be hyped up on and turn me into a genki girl. I was afraid I was going to burp. I remembered my speech teacher told us a story that when he was on the debate team in college he was going to give a speech. Right before he got thirsty and drank a soda. He had this really great ending, but he burped instead. Then I thought some Hi-C would be harmless, but I didn't want to make a mess and spill any. So I went with plain water.

The interview didn't seem to go too badly. I mean we took turns so there were not people shouting random things. I like more structured interviews. It seemed to go ok. I guess. I'm not sure if I described myself correctly. A few people were using a bunch of buzzwords and jargon. I wasn't sure to pull out the secret hobby card to make myself look more interesting. Then I thought since I'm not well established in the hobby yet I'll wait. But the good thing was the place is school friendly; since a lot of places are not.

I wanted a bottle of Baja Blast Mountain Dew. My dad calls it Baja Bomber. The problem is that after I had that good jerky from the corner market I keep craving it, and there is really no way for me to get there. I bought some awful peppered teriyaki jerky from the 7-11. Last Friday I had bought some more awful jerky by my doctor's office.
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