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Not When Pigs Fly but Surf

So it's the 4th of July. Sailor Moon wears red, white and blue. Although she really has nothing to do with America. Then I realized I had been watching Sailor Moon for about a year

A local radio station had a
surf pig. Too bad it was just a fake pig on a surfboard strapped to the top of a van.
I though it was this surfing pig.

My dad was trying to be cool pretending that he likes the song "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters. Until today I've never heard him mention liking the song. And I talk about it quite frequently. I started watching season 6 of Community. I need to get caught up with it. After I thought about it maybe I'm a lot more like Britta than I think. Isn't the character supposed to be my age? Or maybe I'm still the Abed. Buzzr was showing old game show episodes that were aired on the 4th of July. A nice little marathon of old games shows to watch. Too bad they didn't show Combs' debut episode on Family Feud. That premiered on July 4th 1988. Has anybody seen that Bianca talk show? It's pretty awful. I watched it and didn't laugh once. It reminds me of those old "Entertainers" shows with Byron Allen.

Why do people who have "advice" blogs get so mad when you point out an obvious hole in their "advice". Seriously some of those "advice" blogs are just shit. If the person could just change the problem so quickly then would they not have or worry about the problem if it was so "easy" to solve? The advice is usually really bad too. It will be something like "Successful people eat broccoli 7 times a day and have a pet cat". You read it and go "Huh? That's some bull!"
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