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You Already Suck

I haven't been getting any sleep because my neighbor is playing loud music from 3-4AM.

The problem is that when UTB has a problem it seems like nobody is there to notice or anything. They have to read messages online by angry viewers. I'm very loyal viewer to their channel. I mean I'm willing to deal with some broadcast problems. Every station has them. I mean it's the length of the problem. Looping footage for a half hour. Frozen images for hours. It was sort of a good thing Detective Conan was not on the air. I went to get my free slurpee earlier than I had planned.

Who knew I could already suck at something I haven't even attempted yet? That is a new record even for me! Then I was thinking about Kurt Angle and his WWE entrance song. And how it goes "You Suck!" And that's the way I feel about my secret hobby especially since I haven't done anything yet. Well I still have about a month to work on something. I really wanna do something. Even if my parents don't understand or pretty much anybody else for that matter.
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