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Tecna Believix doll Review

I was looking all over for her. Luckily I found her at an ironically opened Toys R Us Express that was formerly a regular Toys R Us. 

I really wanted a Tecna doll. Hair looks the most manageable of everybody since it is so short. I like the smart characters. Plus I thought getting another Stella doll was redundant. To date she is my first and only Mattel Winx doll. It would be nice for Stella to interact with another character. 

Flora was my 2nd choice since I have a doll of her pixie Chatta, but pixies are so season 2! LOL J/K XD ^-^ ;P 
If I get more money I'll get another doll. Probably a Flora. 

They had so many Believix Stella, Bloom, and Flora. There was only one Tecna, so I got her. There were no Musa or Aisha dolls. 

When I got Tecna home I noticed there was a price tag under her $19.99 price tag that said $23.99. I felt I was a bargain shopper and it was a good thing I waited. Well it was more about the funeral and Winx Club can wait. She is my first job prize. I wanted a G1 My Little Pony, but I couldn't wait for shipping, so I got Tecna instead. Including taxes and such in my state she came out to about $21 something. 

The packing is very nice. It's reminiscent of the Mattel dolls. This thing was hard to open. I think I spent 20 minutes just fighting with it. When I get newer dolls I open the package and turn them upside down just to see how securely they are attached to the packaging. I did that with Draculaura too. The packaging is nice, shiny and prismatic. 

Here is the back of the box. 

She has a good face. I don't see anything wrong with it. I know they were trying to make the dolls look more like their CGI counterparts. 

After all the fighting with the packaging here she is out of the box. Since she was banded to the packing there are dents in her arms and legs. I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't show up. Sorry.

I'm kinda disappointed she didn't come with gloves or proper shoes, but I can get over that. The shoes on the Simba dolls look better. Gloves would have been nice, but I can see why why weren't included. The would have probably been too hard to put on or permanently painted to her hands like on some Monster High dolls. (please excuse the pile of doll shoes in the corner)

The one thing I really don't like about her outfit is the overuse of lamè fabric. I'm trying to write lamè and not "lame". In that way they sort of remind me of Jem dolls whose outfits used lamè fabric heavily. The one problem with lamè is that it peels off and is easy to damage. I have many old lamè Barbie clothes that are so damaged. When I took her boots off the lamè is already peeling off one of her socks. The photo didn't come out too well. 

You can kinda see it where the sock is dull on the toe. 

I think it might be a problem for her shorts too especially if you move the legs a lot when she is wearing her Believix outfit. Thankfully it is not peeling off the outfit. 

She came with 2 accessories a brush and a card. I should have taken better pictures of these. 

It says "Winx Club" on the other side. 

The card was really hard to photograph since it's holographic. I think you can see it better in the box picture. 

Here she is nude. 

She is not as articulated as a Monster High doll, but I love that they kept her "leggy" look like the Mattel dolls had. She is also more well endowed than a Monster high doll. She is wider too. 
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